Inspiring Vegan Athlete Reveals Why She Stands Against Animal Agriculture

Self proclaimed eco-athlete, Donica Shouse is a professional paddle boarder from Hawaii who identifies as someone 'willing to push for what's right but do it with peace and love'. Like more and more athletes nowadays, Shouse's performance is fuelled solely...
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The Edible, Biodegradable Carrier Bag That’s Safe For Fish To Eat!

Exciting news for anti-plastic environmentalists, our oceans and marine life: an Indonesian based start-up 'Avani' is on a mission to rid the world of plastic bags, and has developed a 100% biodegradable and edible replacement. This new miracle...
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Why Being An Environmentalist Is Now Literally A Matter of Life or Death

So far in 2017, 117 environmental defenders have been killed. All over the planet, people dedicating their lives to defend and protect the planet are being murdered in order to silence them. Environmental documentary, Cowspiracy notes that “[m]ore than...
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Holiday Deep Blues: Are Cruises Killing Marine Life?

This week saw a humpback whale, thought to be a juvenile, impaled on a Princess Cruises ship: an unanticipated passenger as the ship arrived in Alaska. The 6-metre long humpback was harpooned by the 290-metre ship, ending up lodged on its submerged bow (a...
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Aviation or Animals: Who’s To Blame For Staggering Rise in Greenhouse Gases?

Following on from the recent UK plans to scrap petrol and diesel cars from 2040 there is yet more 'flying away' from the main cause of global warming. A recent United Nations report raised concerns that the global aviation sector could consume up to 27% of...
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