UN Encourages Investors to Cash In On Plant-Based Food

United Nations-backed organization Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)—an independent network bringing sustainability into investment practices—is urging investors to back plant-based products. In a new PRI...

Mushrooms May Be the Best Weapon Against Climate Change

Finding sustainable alternatives to everyday, resource-intense food and objects is necessary for reducing our impact on the planet. And mushrooms may be one of...

Former Sniper Damien Mander Protects Endangered Species With a ‘Vegan Army’

A Venn Diagram of a "perfect" vegan would intersect around a few key areas: avoiding all animal products; working to change existing policies and...

Sustainable Electricity Storage Discovered in Vegan Meat

Australian researchers are using jackfruit and durian waste to develop a new, sustainable, and ultra-efficient form of electricity storage. The research uses the often discarded...

This Vegan CBD Chocolate Is the Stress Buster You Need Right Now

Chocolate is more than just an indulgent treat. It can help take the edge off of stress. Really. Studies show that regularly eating at...

This Australian Tourism Company Is Regrowing the Great Barrier Reef

Australian underwater tourism company Passions of Paradise is repairing the Great Barrier Reef during a coronavirus-caused quiet period. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced the Cairns-based...

LIVEKINDLY Releases Limited-Edition Line of Vegan Eco-Friendly Apparel

Today, LIVEKINDLY is launching our online shop. After three years of working to bring you the latest news and stories to help you live...

Amsterdam Restaurant Serves Vegan Meals in Quarantine Greenhouses

A vegan restaurant in Amsterdam is experimenting with a greenhouse dining experience, so that—when the restaurant reopens—diners can respect social distancing measures and still...

Is Hunting Good for the Environment?

Is hunting good for the environment? The answer you get depends very much on who you ask. Many hunters maintain that their activities can support...

A Vegan Fried Chicken Cart Is Opening In Portland

Portland is getting a new vegan fried chicken cart. The Mocking Bird, which currently has a stand at the Happy Valley Farmer's Market, is set...

China Urges People Not to Eat Dog Meat Ahead of Yulin Festival

China has officially declared that dogs are companion animals. The statement comes ahead of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, due to take place in...

Pizza Hut and KFC Just Partnered With Beyond Meat In China

KFC and Pizza Hut in China just announced new partnerships with Beyond Meat. According to Bloomberg, Beyond Meat's partnership with Pizza Hut will begin next...

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Kindness Never Tasted So Good

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz

In the UK, lockdown restrictions are slowly being eased, but pubs and restaurants are still closed for the time being. If you're suffering without...

Bill Maher: The NIH Uses Taxpayer Money to Torture Monkeys

Talk show host Bill Maher has called out the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for using taxpayer money to fund experiments on monkeys. In a...

More Than 100 Doctors Urge the UK to Tax Meat

More than 100 NHS doctors have signed an open letter calling on the UK government to tax meat and shift away from an "unhealthy...

Ginsters’ Vegan Pasty Success Could Lead to Its Own Factory

Following the success of Ginsters' vegan puff pasties, the company is now considering opening its own factory for manufacturing plant-based products. Samworth Brothers—which owns a...

Harry Styles: ‘I Don’t Eat Meat’

Former One Direction member Harry Styles says he no longer eats meat. After a recent performance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, the musician sat down...

Nipsey Hussle-Inspired Vegan Restaurant Opening In LA

Compton, California, is set to get a Nipsey Hussle-inspired vegan restaurant. Vegan entrepreneur Roland Jackson founded the experiential health and education center—called Planet Health Compton....

15 Calming CBD Vegan Bath Bombs To Help You Sleep

Let’s face it, it’s a pretty stressful time. Taking some time in the evenings for self-care has never been more important. In a time...

Can a Vegan Diet Improve Your Sleep?

Can a vegan diet improve your sleep? A lot of us have had those nights where we know that we need to wake up...



NFL Referee SAVES Animals From CRUELTY

This week's news: NFL referee John Hussey created a platform that connects animal rescue campaigns with funders. Barcelona-based food tech start-up CUBIQ Foods has secured €5 million in funding for its vegan SMART FAT. The European Commission is also looking to promote sustainability through plant-based and alternative proteins. Hong Kong-based company Green Monday is making vegan spam and pork shoulder under its Omnipork brand. A U.K. lamb farmer-turned-vegan-activist is working to end livestock farming. In Ghana, more than 500 cases of coronavirus have been traced to a tuna cannery. Nurses in Delaware called for slaughterhouses to close amid the coronavirus pandemic. Wuhan has officially banned the sale and consumption of bats and other wild animals. Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara are reportedly expecting their first child together. The vegan couple has also backed Beyond Meat's Feed A Million+ campaign. Leonardo DiCaprio is working to protect Virunga National Park’s endangered mountain gorillas. Animal lovers are paying tribute to Natasha Brenner, a fixture in the New York animal rights movement who died this week at age 98.

Is DOG MEAT DONE for Good?

Across Asia, an estimated 30 million dogs are slaughtered each year as meat and sold for human consumption, but attitudes are starting to change. Though China hosts the controversial Yulin Dog Meat Festival every June, 64% of the Chinese population wants the festival to end. Over half of China's population want to see dog meat banned altogether. In April 2020, Shenzhen became the first Chinese city to ban the consumption of dog and cat meat. Zhuhai quickly followed suit. Experts are calling it a 'watershed moment' and are hopeful that this will lead to a domino effect across the country.


This week: Dunkin' announces it is developing a vegan donut. The alternative protein market has attracted large investments in 2020. Former hedge fund manager and host of CNBC's "Mad Money," Jim Cramer says investors shouldn’t ignore the plant-based meat market. English actor Stephen Fry is encouraging people to go plant-based for the environment. More than 200 prominent public figures⁠ and celebrities including Penélope Cruz, ⁠Adam Driver, Robert De Niro, and Cate Blanchett also called for environmental action. Snoop Dogg says eating plant-based is good for your health, too. Due to a milk surplus caused by dropped demand during the coronavirus pandemic, farmers are sending milking cows to the slaughterhouse earlier than usual. Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin is calling for meat companies to be more transparent during the pandemic. Ikea just released the blueprints for its sustainable, Garden Sphere for free. Australian underwater tourism company Passions of Paradise is regrowing the Great Barrier Reef amid the pandemic. A vegan restaurant in Amsterdam is experimenting with greenhouse dining to respect social distancing measures. Margate, a seaside town on England’s southeast coast, is getting a vegan hotel fit with a restaurant and a rooftop terrace.

Why HISTORY’s Greatest Minds Didn’t EAT MEAT

Plant-based diets have been around for ages - literally. In ancient Greece, philosophers questioned the morality of eating meat. In the age of enlightenment, Leonardo Da Vinci introduced the concept of speciesism - the false assumption that humans are superior to animals. Famed inventor Benjamin Franklin gave up meat in his youth, while others like Einstein, Edison, and Newton gave it up later in life. Nikola Tesla spoke out against animal cruelty and rarely ate meat. Social justice reformers also abstained from eating meat. Rosa Parks and Mohandas Gandhi were vegetarians. Susan B. Anthony supported the animal rights movement and the first American Vegetarian Society.


“Something that’s helped get me through these past few weeks, is finding ways to help others.”

Jermaine Dupri

“Plant Food for All will unite communities on the basis of kindness[...]And make healthy, plant-based food more accessible in the long-term.”

John Lewis
Badass Vegan

"Finding my way to optimal health is not a destination as much as a mindful journey- which includes less self-judgment and more joy in the goodness of plant-based food. This journey is one for life. May we all be kinder to ourselves and others."

Cory Booker

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