41% of Brits Are Ditching Meat and Fish to Fight the Climate Crisis

Two in five Brits are reducing the amount of meat and fish they eat in order to help fight the climate crisis, according to...

Lindt Is Launching Vegan Milk Chocolate in Germany This Christmas

This Christmas, popular Swiss chocolatier and confectionery company Lindt & Sprüngli, commonly referred to as just Lindt, is launching its first-ever vegan milk chocolate...

KFC’s Vegan Chicken Is Now Available Across Canada

KFC Canada just announced that vegan chicken is launching nationwide. KFC Canada and plant-based meat brand Lightlife first trialed a Plant-Based Fried Chicken Sandwich...

8 Vegan Cruelty-Free CBD Products to Get You Through a Summer in Lockdown

Looking for new ways to relax? Using cannabidiol (CBD) is one way to unwind at the end of the day. And these vegan, cruelty-free...

Now On the Pizza Hut Menu In Puerto Rico: Beyond Meat Sausage

Pizza Hut Puerto Rico just launched two new Beyond Meat sausage pizzas. Starting on August 10, the pizza chain will offer the Beyond Sausage Pizza...

This German Supermarket Saves 2,000 Tonnes of Food Waste a Year

Berlin supermarket chain SirPlus sells expired products and wonky vegetables in a bid to reduce food waste. According to the World Economic Forum, it saved...

19 Vegan Athletes Who Swear By Plant-Based Diets

From long-distance running and basketball to figure staking and weight lifting, there are a number of vegan athletes that prove you don't need meat...

Waitrose Is Launching Vegan Baked Cheese This Christmas

Waitrose is set to launch new festive vegan products for the holidays. The British supermarket chain will debut vegan baked cheese and filo pastries...

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Kindness Never Tasted So Good

How to Cook the Healthiest Legumes, Plus 11 Vegan Recipes

Legumes, a type of vegetable that includes beans, peas, and lentils, have been cultivated across many cultures for thousands of years. To this day,...

Mission Barns Is Recruiting 100 Lab-Grown Bacon Taste-Testers

Cultured meat startup Mission Barns is recruiting 100 meat lovers to taste-test its lab-grown bacon. This month, the Berkeley, California-based company will be conducting curbside...

Cargill Is Launching Vegan Scallops in China

Meat giant Cargill is launching a range of new vegan products in China, including plant-based scallops. The products will be released under PlantEver, Cargill's...

Shift to Vegan Food Would Create 19 Million Jobs in Latin America and Caribbean

Shifting to a predominantly vegan food system could create millions of job opportunities across Latin America and the Caribbean, says a new report by...

The UK Just Got Its First Vegan BBQ Restaurant

UK-based veggie lovers have at least one more plant-based option to add to their food bucket list. The country just got its very first...

You Can Now Buy Organic Vegan Ghee Online

You can now buy 29oz of Nutiva's Organic Vegan Ghee online. Nutiva combines coconut and avocado oil to capture the aromatic flavor of traditional ghee....

Veggie Pret Launched a TikTok for Its Vegan Croissants

Veggie Pret is now on TikTok. The meat-free outlet of the UK-based sandwich shop chain Pret A Manger just joined the platform in celebration...

SeaWorld’s Revenue Has Dropped 95% From 2019

SeaWorld predicts a second-quarter revenue of $18 million, down almost 95 percent from $406 million last year. According to MarketWatch, the company expects Q2 attendance...

Black Lives Matter Helped Southern Roots Vegan Bakery Double Its Sales

San Antonio-based vegan bakery Southern Roots says it has doubled its sales amid the Black Lives Matter movement. The bakery is owned by husband-and-wife duo...

Former Dairy Farms Now Make and Deliver Vegan Oat Milk

Refarm'd is helping former dairy farmers to produce and deliver vegan oat milk. The organization targets regions where farmers have shown an interest in transitioning...

Reef Cubes: The Plastic-Free Blocks Helping to Save the Oceans

Artificial reefs are vital for protecting offshore wind farms from tidal erosion. But the plastic-based reefs can also be detrimental to the ocean. One...

A 23-Year-Old Student Just Sued Australia Over Climate Change

A 23-year-old law student is suing Australia's government over climate change. Katta O'Donnell filed the lawsuit—which is the first of its kind against the Australian...




Here are ten documentaries that will make you rethink your food choices. For those worried about the state of the planet, "Cowspiracy" may have you second-guessing the meat on your plate. If you’re a fitness or gym enthusiast, "The Game Changers" just might make you reconsider where you get your protein from. “Forks Over Knives” advocates that a low-fat, whole-food, vegan diet may help avoid or reverse chronic diseases. “Dominion” will have you questioning why you consider some animals as pets and others as dinner. "Invisible Vegan" shows how veganism isn’t just about food, but that it’s also an intersectional issue. Watch the video to learn more about these documentaries that will make you rethink eating meat.

FINLAND Has Lost Its Taste for RED MEAT

Taiwan has banned intentional bycatch fishing of endangered sharks. Camp Lumba Lumba in Indonesia is now the world’s first permanent rehabilitation center for captive dolphins. Simon Cowell was recently reunited with a dog he helped rescue from a dog meat farm. Martha Stewart gives Snoop Dogg advice on growing his own plant-based food. Finns are ditching red meat, along with pork and dairy. Greta Thunberg wins an esteemed prize and announced that she would donate her prize money to climate charities. KFC is developing lab-grown chicken nuggets in Russia from animal cells. Dairy-free, vegan Mars oat milk chocolate milkshakes are now available at Asda.

Can Your DIET Help You LIVE TO 100? (And What Are BLUE ZONES?)

Could a plant-based diet help you grow old in good health? Around the world, there are communities where people live long lives without high rates of chronic illnesses typical of the west. Many of these people exercise frequently, maintain close social bonds, and eat a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet. In Okinawa, Japan, for example, women live longer than any other women on the planet. For every 100,000 inhabitants, the string of islands has 65 centenarians, which has earned it the nickname “the land of immortals.” Only two percent of the Okinawan diet is made up of meat. There is a similar relation between plant-based foods and longevity across Dan Buettner's Blue Zones, as well as other regions shrouded in legend. Let's take a closer look at plant-based diets and longevity.


This week’s news: Oprah, Natalie Portman, and former CEO of Starbucks invests in vegan oat milk company Oatly. KFC is testing out plant-based fried chicken in Southern California. Colin Kaepernick teams up with Impossible Foods to feed those experiencing food insecurity during the coronavirus pandemic.Hugh Laurie says how we treat animals will be condemned in 100 years. A new vegan documentary, “They’re Trying to Kill Us,” examines food insecurity in Black communities, as “told through the lens of Hip Hop and urban culture.” A Cambodian tourist town has banned the sale of dog meat. Uniqlo has banned alpaca wool from all of its 2,200 stores. And in South Korea, people are eating less meat.


“Something that’s helped get me through these past few weeks, is finding ways to help others.”

Jermaine Dupri

“Plant Food for All will unite communities on the basis of kindness[...]And make healthy, plant-based food more accessible in the long-term.”

John Lewis
Badass Vegan

"Finding my way to optimal health is not a destination as much as a mindful journey- which includes less self-judgment and more joy in the goodness of plant-based food. This journey is one for life. May we all be kinder to ourselves and others."

Cory Booker

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