What kind of person would choose a life of ridicule?

Endless jokes from family and friends, and an automatic stigma when you eventually drop the v-bomb on your colleagues – Why do people subject themselves to it?

In addition to the social inconvenience, there are so many other reasons to not go vegan. Here’s a list of things to put you off:

10 Reasons Not to Go Vegan

1) The food is terrible

Probably the top reason; and anyone who loves food is not usually down for eating carrots and rose petals every day.

Disclaimer: Veganism isn’t synonymous with clean eating or gluten free. Junk food vegan anyone? Burgers, pizzas, donuts, chips galore. All the taste but less environmental damage, no direct deaths and zilch cholesterol! It appears you can have it all.

2) It’ll burn holes in your pockets

Big potato shaped hole$ !

Disclaimer: Actually skipping animal products can be beneficial for the health of your bank balance. A typical lunch of a meat and cheese sandwich with accompanying snacks comes in at around $3.40pp whereas a vegan lunch of a hummus and veggie sandwich with snacks comes in at around $2.90~ (according to this article ) – even vegetarians are said to save at least $750 per year on groceries – when you think of the cheapest foods you can buy, what comes to mind? Rice, potatoes, pasta? Meat, dairy and eggs are some of the priciest items in the supermarket!

3) You’re trying to get rid of your noodle arms

(Not go full Sponge Bob)

Disclaimer: There are countless vegan athletes which have no trouble building muscle on a plant based diet; in fact many state that their recovery times and inflammation significantly reduced after switching from their previous meat-based diets. Protein though? There’s a common myth which has been floating around that you can’t get complete proteins from plants. This has been debunked by major nutrition bodies such as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics– basically, if you’re getting enough calories, you’re getting enough protein. And if you want to increase your protein macros, you totally can! Soy, legumes, oats. All the good stuff.

4) You like the taste of meat

…And you’re a little bit addicted to cheese.

Disclaimer: Do you eat unseasoned meat? Probably not. Your tastebuds most likely tingle at the steak-rub more than the flesh itself. And what is the seasoning made from? You got it; Plants, baby! You can make anything taste good if you add the right seasoning to it and vegan substitutes have advanced so much now that we don’t even need to compromise on the texture! Cheese is a whole different ballgame. Yup there are some incredible vegan cheeses (even ones which melt), but this weird little block of congealed cow secretion comes with a some concerning issues of its own. Some studies show that you could actually be addicted!

5) Cult Followings ?

They’re not really your jam

Disclaimer: Vegans are not devoted to a higher being. A better description would be a social justice movement, an ideology or a lifestyle choice based on ethics, science and compassion.

6) A diet which requires supplementation?

That is so unnatural

Disclaimer: The only thing vegans require in terms of supplementation is B12. B12 comes from bacteria in the ground but due to treating our water, washing our food and depleting the quality of our soil, we can no longer achieve this nutrient by eating food. Does that negate the vegan diet, though? Well, considering that livestock are artificially supplemented too (meaning that humans are secondary consumers) – no. It doesn’t. All other essential nutrients can be found in plants.

7) Pre planning food?

Seriously, I can’t even organize my sock drawer

Disclaimer: Yeah, totally not a thing; you can get curly fries anywhere. Of course some places are going to be more difficult than others when it comes to finding vegan options, but there is usually always the option for veggies, fruit, rice, beans, potatoes – whether you’re in SE Asia or a quaint British seaside town, the likelihood is, there will be something for you.  And, if not? Veganism is based on the idea that we avoid animal products where ‘possible and practicable’. When it comes to your health or survival (seriously, not a hunger pang) then it’s worth remembering that compassion should extend to yourself too, and you may just have to eat something with milk solids in it…eurgh.

8) You’ll need a decent understanding of nutrition

But you still don’t even truly know what a carb is

Disclaimer: You don’t, but it helps, and everyone should know the basics in nutrition anyway. If you care about your health then go for it; if you don’t then there is no requirement to change that. Most meat-eaters won’t question the nutrients they are ingesting and assume that their diet adequately meets dietary recommendations when in fact, many people following omnivorous diets are deficient in a myriad of things! Likewise, people following a poor vegan diet can fall victim of the same. Poor nutrition is simply not exclusive to vegans, as many people like to believe.

9) You’ll constantly be hungry

And lose too much weight

Disclaimer: Sure, for the most part, vegans have lower BMIs, but lower BMIs are associated with overall better health. In addition to this, your weight doesn’t have to drop just because you’re vegan. If you are not keen to shed an extra couple of pounds, simply increase the quantity of food you’re eating and choose foods which are calorically dense like avocados, nuts, seeds or soy products. The only reason you would lose weight or feel hungry whilst eating a vegan diet is if you allow yourself to enter into a calorie deficit. So, load up your plate!

10) Buying food on the fly will be a total inconvenience

Ain’t nobody got time for that

Disclaimer: Whilst it’s certainly less convenient, it’s not impossible, nor is it much of a hardship. A good idea to help you know what to pick up in a grab-and-go situation would be to check out ‘Accidentally Vegan‘ lists for your country. There are tons of products, you’d be surprised! From Original Oreos to Ritz Crackers – all your gas station favourites. Happy munching!