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Options! Long gone are the days when vegans didn’t have such a thing. Luckily the demand for plant based foods has been noted by the sandwich sellers of the country, meaning we no longer have to settle for  soggy home made lunches. Whoopie!

So where can you find such delectable delights? Dotted across every high street imaginable, it seems.

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The UK’s Top 10 Tastiest Vegan Sandwiches

“SUPER GREENS & REDS” | Pret a Manger

“Slices of avocado covered with our tapenade made of roasted red peppers and cherry tomatoes.” Pret adds  add crunchy red pepper, kalamata olives and a generous handful of spinach. To put it simply – “Dee-lish!”


“SUPER GREENS” & “RAINBOW VEG” | Marks & Spencer

Two for the price of one! Actually, it’ll be two for the price of two, but what a treat! M&S offer a minted edamame & pea crunch on linseed & chia bread (so fancy) OR a chili squash and pumpkin seed s’wich on red pepper bread. Oh, go on then, we’ll take both!

“VEGGIE SUB” | Subway

In a pinch? Subway haven’t been the most creative with their vegan options (yet..we’re holding out for more, always!) but this can be just the perfect snack for long journeys with your only other option being a Maccy Ds or Little Chef (do they still even exist?). Be sure to load up and get your money’s worth of veggies on 9-Grain Wheat, Hearty Italian or Italian.


This Falafel & Houmous wrap from Tesco is also part of their Meal Deal offer, so you can pair it with your favourite vegan crisps and a cold bevvy. Whilst vegans can get a bit tired of seeing falafel and houmous as their only options, at least there’s something! Sainsbury’s really need to step up their sammie-game because we’d starve searching their sarnie counter!


OK – Tell us this doesn’t sound drool-worthy – “Indian-inspired spicy chunky chickpeas with a dollop of mango compote, coconut yoghurt, sliced red peppers, aromatic coriander and a handful of baby spinach.” talk about flavoursome!

“A-MEZZE-ING” | Urban Eat

To be fair, we’re sold just based on the pun. Urban Eat certainly aren’t mezzing around either, clearly stamping the packaging “perfectly vegan” (swooon!), we are just loving the sound of roasted veggies with harrissa houmous and a sweet potato falafel. YES, ok, it’s F&H once again – but it’s different! Potato on bread? Pure genius.



“Eat Me” is all we can hear when looking at this. Carrot and coriander are a classic match made in food heaven, and with an additional dollop of houmous? That’s what we like to call the trifecta. Better yet it comes wedged between slices of tomato bread. QUADFECTA.


UE are spoiling us with their flavour packed wraps. This Bombay Spiced Veggie Wrap is made up of chickpeas, cucumber, spinach, mango chutney, red onion and fresh coriander, all snugged together in a spinach-flat bread blanket. Yumsome.

FALAFEL | The Co Operative

Falafel? Never heard of the stuff mate. This no-mayo, proudly vegan wrap from t’co-op comes with a kick of chilli and a Middle Eastern condiment made humble from chickpeas.


Noooo! Falafel and Houmous again!are you kidding? Well, friends! Caffe Nero also have a Spicy Bean Fajita wrap, we just couldn’t find a decent photo.

Image Credit: PETA | Vegan Womble


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