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If you’re a globe-trotter, foodie, suffering from wanderlust, or just desperate to switch off and have a well-deserved getaway planning a trip for 2018 could be just what you need. 

For a fun family vegan vacation, a romantic honeymoon or just some tranquillity and alone time, you won’t have to worry about anything at these vacay-locations (except how soon you can book your next trip).

10 Fun and Relaxing Vegan Vacations to Book for 2018

1. Vegan Life Energy – Alicante, Spain

This place is for those who need to re-connect and a re-charge. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a beautiful location where guests are treated as friends and that caters to any form of vegan diet? ‘Tranquility for vegans and friends’ – You can relax, unwind, enjoy the white sandy beaches and partake in activities such as meditation and yoga or cooking classes. Plus, the price of stay includes a delicious vegan breakfast and 1/3 of your price goes to a safe haven for rescued animals! There’s also a vegan restaurant within walking distance for the evenings and multiple local earthy markets.

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2. Laguna Lodge – Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

This is a stunning resort for conscientious globe-trotters, nestled in its very own nature reserve. They also have solely meat-free and vegan food – the ingredients are even sourced directly from their garden or a local grower. Alongside food, you will find a hot river rock spa pool, a lava bar, lakeside pavilion, on-site massages, and manicures & pedicures at their full day spa. There’s yoga and scuba diving too. Or you can trek up the close-by volcano if you’re feeling adventurous.

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3. Holistic Holiday at Sea

On this unique sea-sailing experience, you will coast around the Eastern Caribbean in luxury facilities. Also, you can learn yoga, meditation, and attend lectures on a variety of topics including activism, organic food and what you should be eating. Even Dr. Greger and Neal Barnard MD will be on board! In the cruise’s promotional video, it is said, “[i]f you like adventure, if you like great vegan food, if you like vacation, if you like making new friends, this is the place to do it… you’ve got to be here.” Does that sound like you? Get in quick, as this boat is set to sail during February 2018.

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4. Albaspina Organic Farm – Vicenza, Italy

If you like a vacation that enriches you with education along the way, you will love that this rustic, 18th-century bed and breakfast has a garden trail hike. On the trail, you will have a guided lesson about growing fresh vegetables and how to recognise them, alongside other knowledge for any keen green-fingers. Additionally, there is an all-vegan restaurant!

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5. The Stanford Inn by the Sea – Mendocino, California

Located on the Pacific coast, this inn boasts an adventurous range of activities such as vegan cheese-making and nutrition classes, biking and canoeing – all held in settings along the California coast which will take your breath away. There is also a fully vegan restaurant, The Ravens Restaurant, which focuses on sustainability and gourmet, plant-based food – it must be brilliant as they’ve even got their own cookbook.

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6. Baytree House – East Sussex, England

At this family-run vegan bed and breakfast, pets are welcomed (they can make friends with the home dog) and guests can enjoy the tai chi and yoga classes, then finish off by utilising their massage services. The house is Victorian and was built in the 1880’s, so is a must visit for people who appreciate beautiful architecture – alongside fabulous vegan food of course. A 20-minute walk will take you straight to Hastings town centre and you’ll be seeing the seafront attractions before you know it.

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7. Love Out Loud – Ubud, Bali

If you are looking for a vegan yoga retreat – look not further than Love Out Loud! A range of languages are spoken here, including native Italian, Dutch, Russian English. According to their website, “The Love Out Loud Vegan Yoga Retreat is designed with compassion to serve you with Love, to ease the mind, relax the body to experience a journey where we awaken the joy of our spirit soul in a luxury boutique yoga resort in Ubud-Bali.” Did we mention the food is organic and plant-based?

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8. BFREE – Punta Gorda, Belize

If you are a yogi, chocoholic, adventurer or nature lover, this resort will be irresistible. Held in a stunning, serene location, nestled in the foothills of the Maya Mountains – BFREE is the ideal place to unwind, relax and restore the mind, body and soul. The price includes three vegan or vegetarian meals per day and is based on ‘Cacaoga’ classes; a mix of Cacao and Yoga. With activities such as hiking, swimming and twice daily yoga or meditation and more – BFREE eco-resort appeals to the whole family.

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9. Camp Biche – Lauzerte, France

Holidays don’t always have to be about lounging in the sun, binging on treats and enjoying a couple drinks (although holidays like that are wonderful!) – sometimes we need to take a break away from our sedentary lifestyle at a luxury fitness boot camp. Camp Biche just so happens to be vegan! There is 6 cooking classes, 10 fitness exercise classes, 5 hiking trips, 5 hours of massages, 6 nights luxury accommodation, and daily breakfast, lunch, dinner which are locally sourced and plant-based. Possibly the best bit – meals served with the region’s finest wine.

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10. Heritage Hotel – Auckland, New Zealand

While not strictly vegan, this hotel offers an equal amount of vegan and non-vegan dishes yet they pride themselves in having a separate vegan kitchen, to ensure zero cross-contamination. The lobby bar only serves vegan food and Auckland’s Heritage Hotel menu is printed with soy-based inks. They are also eco-focused with efforts such as recycling plastics and glass and using food waste for their worm farm. Credited by the NZ vegetarian society, attainment of Earthcheck and Qualmark Green EnviroGold certifications – this luxury hotel is located in the stunning New Zealand – a small country renowned for being ‘clean and green’. Entertainment-wise, there is an outdoor pool, indoor pool, gym, tennis court and a spa to relax.

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