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These celebs aren't afraid to use their platforms to speak up for animals. | Paul Morigi / Getty

11 Female Badass Vegan Celebs to Follow on Instagram

These female vegan celebrities are using their influence on Instagram to encourage their fans to live a kinder, more cruelty-free life.

Updated April 28, 2019. A little vegan inspiration wouldn’t go amiss amongst all those Instagram foodie posts, holiday pics, stories of drunken nights out, and cocktail boomerangs. Who better to take your vegan inspiration from than one of these animal-loving ladies? Using their influence, these female celebs are encouraging their fans and followers to live a kinder, more cruelty-free existence.

11 Female Badass Vegan Celebs to Follow on Instagram

1. Maggie Q

Maggie Q is an actor, humanitarian, keen animal rights activist, and the co-founder of wellness product line ActivatedYou. Her Instagram feed is packed with activism and inspirational quotes, mixed in with plenty of really cute photos of animals.

Follow Maggie Q here.

2. Mya

Singer Mya has made no secret of her passion for veganism. Amongst posts about upcoming gigs and new music, her feed is packed with images of colorful plant-based food. The musician also uses Instagram as a platform to promote vegan initiatives, such as VegWeek. Earlier this month she asked her more than one million followers to consider taking the Veg Pledge and ditch animal products for seven days.

Follow Mya here.

3. Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch loves cats so much she aspires to be one (who doesn’t?). But the former “Harry Potter” star doesn’t stop at caring for and admiring her household pets, her Instagram is all about promoting kindness to all beings. The actor and activist even co-founded a cruelty-free and vegan beauty box subscription service called Kinder, which she frequently promotes on her feed.

Follow Evanna Lynch here.

4. Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth was once best known for her role in “American Pie.” She has since moved away from acting and runs a not-for-profit organization. The Shannon Elizabeth Foundation is on a mission to save wildlife around the world from poaching. You can count on the star’s Instagram for pictures of cute animals, from rhinos to dogs to tortoises.

Follow Shannon Elizabeth here.

5. Lucy Watson

Former “Made in Chelsea” star Lucy Watson has been a vegetarian since the age of 5, but it was “Cowspiracy” that prompted her to make the leap into veganism. She is an ambassador for PETA and has released two cookbooks: “Feed Me Vegan” and “Feed Me Vegan: For All Occasions.” Her Instagram feed is rife with posts about vegan fashion, food, travel, and the vegan restaurant she co-owns with her family, Tell Your Friends.

Follow Lucy Watson here.

6. Tiffany Watson

Like her sister Lucy, Tiffany Watson is also a keen animal rights activist. The former reality TV star owns ThreeSixFiveLondon, a vegan leather accessory brand. Similar to her sister, Tiffany’s feed is full of animal-free fashion inspiration, as well as food and travel.

Follow Tiffany Watson here.

7. Alicia Silverstone

Star of 1995’s “Clueless” Alicia Silverstone is now a passionate advocate for veganism. Since her iconic role, the actor has co-created vegan nutrition company myKind Organics and become a mother to her son Bear, who she is raising on a plant-based diet. Follow Silverstone for posts on animal and environmental activism, as well as cute family photos and posts about myKind and vegan cooking.

Follow Alicia Silverstone here.

8. Tabitha Brown

When Tabitha Brown became a vegan last year, she posted about a tempeh sandwich at Whole Foods, causing it to become so popular the chain had to up its supply. Fast forward to 2019 and the actor is a Whole Foods plant-based ambassador and describes herself as a “vegan foodie influencer.” Follow Brown for tips on vegan cooking and fun family photos.

Follow Tabitha Brown here.

9. Kate Mara

Actor and vegan activist Kate Mara’s feed is filled with animal posts, from dogs to chimpanzees. She recently took a trip to Liberia to work with Liberia Chimp Rescue Protection, which works with both captive and wild chimps to ensure their protection. The organization also helps to drive wildlife conservation across Africa.

Follow Kate Mara here.

10. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson often uses her platform to advocate for animal rights, she once wrote an open letter to Kim Kardashian asking her to consider no longer wearing fur (which was successful). She also runs the Pamela Anderson Foundation, supporting those who campaign for human, animal, and environmental rights.

Her black and white Instagram feed is mainly new and old photos of the former “Baywatch” star, but she also occasionally uploads images of farm animals and encourages her followers to make the connection between food and living things.

Follow Pamela Anderson here.

11. Jane Velez-Mitchell

TV star Jane Velez-Mitchell is a passionate player in the fight for animal rights. Her website JaneUnChained focuses on vegan content and animal welfare issues. Stay up to date with it all via her Instagram feed.

Follow Jane Velez-Mitchell here.