Pizza is one of those universal foods that bring people together. Almost any casual social gathering revolves around this communal, much-beloved food. From movie nights to kid’s birthdays, to watching the big game, pizza creates community. In Los Angeles, incredible vegan pizza is bringing people together one plant-based slice at a time. These pies go far beyond basic, and all offer plant-based cheese for that perfect, stretchy, melty slice. Here are the 13 most inventive, crave-worthy, and straight up delicious pizzas in Los Angeles.

13 Vegan Pizzas with Plant-Based Cheese in Los Angeles

1. Masa of Echo Park


Deep-dish fans look no further. Masa of Echo Park delivers on this Chicago classic. Vegans can choose from one of the many plant-based deep-dish creations, or make their own with an assortment of veggies and vegan Teese Mozzarella. Complete bread-heads will also love the complimentary boule that arrives at the table with a steak knife driven through it. At Masa, there is no such thing as too much bread.

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2. Piencone


Pizza cutters are so last year. At Piencone, guests get to cut their personal pizzas with a pair of giant scissors! This new Eagle Rock restaurant offers pizzas, a full bar, and scoop shop, all with vegan options. Ask for the Squashington pizza with a side of marinara for a vegan meal, no modifications necessary.

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3. Mohawk Bend


Pizza and beer meet at this cool Echo Park restaurant and bar. You could be basic and order the vegan cheese, but when there’s an option called the Angry Vegan, how can you resist? This fun pie features tomato sauce, Kite Hill almond ricotta, Follow Your Heart mozzarella, serrano chilies, Calabrian chilies, housemade cashew parmesan, chili oil, and oregano.

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4. Real Food Daily


RFD has been around since 1993, but this Los Angeles vegan staple just debuted its first pizza line. RFD now officially does it all. Epic salads, enormous wraps, award-winning brunch items, creative entrees, incredible desserts, and now, phenomenal pizzas.

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5. Cruzer


This Los Feliz vegan pizza joint has pizza lovers flocking from all corners of Los Angeles and Orange County. The company even has a VIP program for loyal fans to receive exclusive discounts and access to secret menu items. The menu provides a wide range of pizza options, from classic vegan cheese to more inventive options, like the Jamaican Pizza. However, the locals all swear by the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

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6. Sage


Can’t decide between mac and cheese and pizza? At Sage, you don’t have to. This all-vegan restaurant offers an impressive variety of tricked out, imaginative fusion pizzas. Try the Mac ‘N Cheese Pizza; Indian Pizza with lentils, eggplant, potato, cilantro, and chutney; or the Mexican Pizza with black bean puree, tempeh sausage, corn, Follow Your Heart mozzarella, pickled cabbage, and habanero cream cheese.

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7. The Luggage Room Pizzeria

The Luggage Room

This Pasadena neighborhood staple has gained a local following with its fermented sourdough crust and wood-fired pizzas. Seven of the ten pizza options are vegan, and you can also create your own. However, with unique creations like the Avocado Festival and Mushroom Party, we’ll let the experts handle our pie.

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8. Pitfire Pizza


Although Pitfire does offer carry-out, you’ll want to bring a few friends and hang at this vegan-friendly pizza place with a cool, local vibe. Choose from one of the signature vegan options, like the classic Vegan Margherita, or easily veganize another pie with homemade cashew mozzarella and Field Roast sausage.

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9. Blaze


It’s like Chipotle, but with pizza, and a really hot oven. Blaze is a national pizza chain offering create-your-own assembly-line-style pizzas in a flash. Like, a 180-second flash. Plant-based options are plentiful, from a wide array of veggies, vegan sauces, and vegan cheese. The best part? There’s no upcharge for toppings, so you can literally have all the veggies.

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10. Purgatory Pizza


If vegan garlic knots exist in Purgatory, we’ll happily stay forever. Purgatory offers a vegan option for almost every item on its menu, so everyone can enjoy their favorite pizza and appetizers. In addition to vegan garlic knots and meatballs, there are nine different unique styles of vegan pizza to choose from. Try the Buffalo Bill with vegan buffalo ranch sauce, Gardein chicken, tempeh bacon, and green onion.

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11. Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria

This carry-out pizza joint made the largest vegan pizza in July 2016. Weighing in at 50 pounds, this might be a bit much for your standard movie night, but you can order a more manageable size from this pizza place at any of its Los Angeles locations. They’re not exclusively vegan, but they do offer vegan cheese and create-your-own options. Choose your crust, vegan cheese, and pile on the veggies.

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12. Crossroads Kitchen


Some pizzas are best eaten curbside, others with a knife and fork beside the soft glow of candlelight and white tablecloths. Crossroads Kitchen pizza definitely falls into the latter category. This all-vegan fine dining restaurant is a favorite among Angelinos for an elegant night out. Although the menu features several unique culinary dishes and small plates, the pizza is simply divine. Whether you choose the Pizza Con Le Vongole (oyster mushrooms with fennel, leek, and white wine cashew cream) or the Spicy Meatball (housemade vegan meatballs with calabrese peppers, almond ricotta, and micro basil), you are guaranteed an excellent pie.

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13. Cafe Gratitude

Cafe Gratitude

When ordering pizza at Cafe Gratitude, tell your server “I am Giving.” All the dishes on the menu are named after affirmations, such as the Humble, Ecstatic, and Committed. The “Giving” is the seasonal pizza, which rotates on a weekly basis. All of the varieties are exceptional, from the Hawaiian with cashew mozzarella, tempeh bacon, and pineapple, to the Mexican with a black bean puree, cashew queso, and escabeche.

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