15 New Cookbooks to Take Your Vegan Cooking to the Next Level

Ah, that satisfying crack of the spine as you open up a fresh new cookbook. We’ve perused over the glossy pages of the most outstanding vegan cookbooks coming out this season, and we’re excited to share our favorites with you. Get the post-Its out and make sure your cupboards are well stocked. Here are the 15 essential new vegan cookbooks of this holiday season.

15 Essential New Vegan Cookbooks

1. The Whole Foods Cookbook

Calling all Wicked Healthy fans (or those who just enjoy great food) this new book is for you. Whole Foods teamed up with the Wicked Healthy duo, chefs Chad and Derek Sarno, to put together 120 healthy, accessible, and mostly vegan recipes. This book will keep you grounded through the holiday season and well into the New Year. It will be released on October 30, and we can almost guarantee that it will be dog-eared and splotch-marked by December.

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2. Unicorn Food

Unicorns are eternal; they will never die, and neither will this food trend. Beyond creating immaculate and Instagram-worthy recipes, Kat Odell knows how to make healthy food refined and fun. These foods are not artificially flavored or colored with obnoxious neon sprinkles and edible glitter; they are homemade, whole food, and plant-based dishes that please both the mature eye and palate. The vast majority of the recipes are vegan, though there are a select few that call for bee pollen or honey. Simply omit the pollen and swap the honey with agave or maple syrup for a perfectly plant-based dish. One caveat: these recipes may taste magical, but they don’t come together with faith, trust, and pixie dust. Many take time and quite a few ingredients. Our advice: bookmark your favorites, and commit. You’ll wonder how you lived without a daily dose of Malted Majik Milk or Pineapple Kimchi Summer Sunset Rolls. This book is available now.

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3. Vegan Christmas: Over 70 Amazing Recipes for the Festive Season

Now is the time to start planning your holiday feast. Available on October 16, “Vegan Christmas” provides over 70 festive recipes for you to test and sample before the big day arrives. The number one rule of hosting is to never make anything new, so purchase the book early, select a handful of recipes that speak to you, and start practicing. Holiday food is too good to only have once a year. Treat yourself and your immediate family or roommates to a trial Christmas dinner throughout the season. Practice has never tasted so good!

Find it here.

4. Eat Feel Fresh: A Contemporary, Plant-Based Ayurvedic Cookbook

You might eat relatively healthy, but do you ever feel “off?” According to the principals of Ayurveda, not every food is meant for every body, even plant-based ones. Discover what foods feel right for you with this practical Ayurvedic guide, then get in the kitchen and start cooking the recipes that will make you feel awesome!

Find it here.

5. Mississippi Vegan: Recipes and Stories from a Southern Boy’s Heart

The title might seem a bit of an oxymoron, but author Timothy Pakron captures the soul of his Mississippi Gulf childhood in this gorgeous and completely plant-based cookbook. Pakron has transformed 125 authentic southern recipes into delicious vegan meals that are vibrant, accessible, and satisfying. Although there is a stellar sausage biscuit recipe, it’s not all heavy foods like biscuits and gravy or mac and cheese. Think okra with tomatoes, vegetable-centric gumbo, and a delicate hummingbird cake topped with edible flowers. The book is available beginning on October 23.

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6. The Creative Kitchen: Seasonal Plant Based Recipes for Meals, Drinks, Crafts, Body & Home Care

This is way more than a cookbook. For those trying to live a more holistic, organic, and zero-waste lifestyle, author Stephanie Hafferty will be your guide. She offers recipes for nutritious meals to homecare products so you can do what’s right for your health and the planet. This book is great for those who enjoy crafts and projects. It will be released on December 14, making it the perfect holiday gift!

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7. Forks Over Knives: Flavor! Delicious, Whole-Food, Plant-Based Recipes to Cook Every Day

This is the fifth cookbook from the vegan documentary-turned-lifestyle-brand Forks Over Knives. In line with the brand’s food philosophy, all recipes are plant-based and oil-free. However, this new book offers 150 recipes dedicated to international flavors and cuisines. From Persian Yellow Split Pea and Eggplant Stew to Polenta Pizza With Summer Garden Vegetables, you’ll never equate health food with “boring” again. Pre-order now or get your copy in stores on October 30.

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8. The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook: The Must-Have Resource for Plant-Based Eaters

Really, the title says it all. This is the encyclopedia of cookbooks. With over 600 recipes from seven plant-based chefs, you’ll be sure to find a few you love. These monster-style cookbooks are terrific for recipe inspiration. Need to use that eggplant? Look it up in the index, and you’ll likely find a new recipe, learn a new cooking technique, or even discover a unique cuisine. “The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook” debuts October 23; purchase it for yourself or as a gift!

Find it here.

9. Smith & Deli-cious: Food From Our Deli (That Happens to be Vegan)

Can’t make it to Melbourne? The new cookbook (that happens to be vegan) from the popular Smith & Daughters duo contains “all the magic secrets to Smith & Deli’s plant-based menu classics.” This is the second cookbook from Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse, whose first book chronicled the must-haves from their flagship Smith & Daughters restaurant. Smith & Deli is a more casual offshoot of the initial concept, serving comfort foods like meat pies, mac and cheese, donuts, and more. And as the tagline goes, it all just “happens” to be vegan. Start cooking when the book launches on October 16.

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10. Naturally Sweet Vegan Treats: Plant-Based Delights Free From Refined and Artificial Sweeteners

It’s baking season, but that does not mean you have to spend three months in a bloated sugar coma. Marisa Alvarsson’s latest book is full of gourmet sweets that rely on healthier alternatives to traditional baking ingredients. These 85 recipes have something for every taste and diet, including gluten-free and nut-free. Some are even sweetened with veggies, like the Chocolate Celebration Cake that contains a generous portion of mashed sweet potatoes. Here’s to happier and healthier holiday baking! Available October 23.

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11. Plant-Based Meats: Hearty, High-Protein Recipes for Vegans, Flexitarians, and Curious Carnivores

They say clean meat is on track to hit the market by the end of this year, but there’s no need to wait. This new book helps home cooks indulge in their meaty cravings, without touching an animal. “Plant-Based Meats” isn’t just a recipe book, it’s an education tool. Learn to how to manipulate plants in the kitchen to perfectly mimic meat’s taste and texture. It’s not just seitan and tofu; this book contains a variety of recipes that rely on a plethora of plant-based ingredients, so the gluten and soy-adverse can still enjoy! Grab your copy on November 6.

Find it here.

12. Feasts of Veg: Plant-Based Food for Gatherings

Entertaining? These plant-based recipes will satisfy your guests and allow you to enjoy the party. They’re bold, unique, and flavorful, but don’t require hours in the kitchen. It may serve as an essential resource during the holidays, but you’ll find yourself referring to it all year long. From picnic foods to slow roasts and even cocktails, you’ll never throw a party without consulting these pages first. Start cooking October 23.

Find it here.

13. Easy Vegan Baking: 80 Easy Vegan Recipes – Cookies, Cakes, Pizzas, Breads, and More

This book goes way beyond basic brownies and cakes. Discover both sweet and savory creations, including eggless quiche and perfect pizza dough. You’ll also find recipes for a sophisticated yet simple Black Forest Gateau and a Carrot Cake Tart. It’s time to graduate from place-and-bake cookies and boxed brownies. With simple ingredients and easy instructions, you can become a master vegan baker. Purchase your copy on October 16.

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14. No Meat Athlete

15 Essential Vegan Fall Cookbooks

Part cookbook, part training guide, this revised and expanded version of the first “No Meat Athlete” book has something for everyone. The No Meat Athlete himself, Matt Frazier, offers solid, well-researched advice on how to go vegan and maintain a healthy plant-based diet with an active lifestyle. As a former ultramarathoner, he also includes a chapter on distance running and how to fuel. Those who prefer weight lifting will benefit from the new chapter written by vegan bodybuilder, Robert Cheek. The book also includes over 60 recipes that are simple, nutritious, and comforting. The book is available now.

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15. Vegan Junk Food, Expanded Edition: 200+ Vegan Recipes for the Foods You Crave―Minus the Ingredients You Don’t

Don’t let the title deceive you; the recipes may taste like good old fashioned junk food, but these dishes are far from the cholesterol-and-fat-laden paper bag meals delivered through a drive-thru. Author Lane Gold not only veganizes fast-food, she makes it better for your body. The instructions are simple and many recipes get a little help with store-bought ingredients, so it’s almost as fast as grabbing food to go. You can get started right away – this cookbook is available now!

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