Despite what you may think, going vegan and eating cheese don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

If you’re looking to go plant-based but you’ve got a penchant for parmesan, there are 5 easy steps to help you recover from serious cheese addiction and in case you get a hit of cravings, here’s 10 vegan mac n’ cheese recipes for your ultimate bowl of comfort food.

Thankfully for cheese addicts, there is an ever-increasing demand for vegan products, especially dairy-free cheese, and plenty of recipes to try at home, too!

Here’s 15 ways you can still eat cheese even after you’ve gone plant-based!

15 Ways to Still Eat Cheese as a Vegan

Cheddar Cheese Recipe

This recipe is for a smoky vegan cheddar ‘cheez’ that can be made as a firm block or served as a spread. This cheese will have a delicious flavour that is complex but not too hot. Also, the bright colour is super inviting and makes a fantastic ‘gram photo.

Get the recipe here.

Goat Cheese Dip Recipe

If you have ever wished for knowledge on how to make a raw vegan ‘goat’ cheese that is not only free from animal products but also free from other common allergens such as soy and gluten – your wish has now been granted with this straightforward recipe.

Get the recipe here.

Parmesan Cheese Recipe

This easy recipes uses only 4 ingredients to make a wonderful plant-esan; vegan parmesan cheese. Perfect on top of pasta, pizza, roast vegetables or anywhere you’d usually use parmesan cheese!

Get the recipe here.

Baked Feta Recipe

This is a vegan cheese analogue that’s great in cold applications like salads, tartines, or pasta bakes! The garlicky, lemony, rich flavor and moist yet crumbly texture is sure to be loved by most foodies.

Get the recipe here.

Blue Cheese Recipe

Creamy, sharp and strong – the texture is a perfect blend between creamy enough to spread on crackers or bread and firm enough to slice. It’s easy to make but you’ll need to wait for it to be ready, so prepare in advance for your next social. (non-vegans won’t be able to tell it isn’t dairy)

Get the recipe here.

Hard White Cheese Recipe

This recipe makes cheese just like momma used to serve which tastes great (if you like this kinda thing), melts and can be shredded to garnish pizzas or pasta bakes. With a rich and earthy flavour and thick, creamy texture – you’ll be making this time after time.

Get the recipe here.

Aged Camembert Cheese Recipe

This is it! The ultimate veganized camembert cheese recipe you have been waiting for. While the whole process is rather lenthy and takes about 3 weeks, it’s worth it for the sharp, creamy texture with a white and flowery rind that tastes indistinguishable from dairy camembert.

Get the recipe here.

Mozzarella Cheese Recipe

Ooey, gooey, stretchy, melty, where have you been all my life- vegan mozzarella. Does it get much better than that? Simply dip some tortilla chips in this bad boy and welcome to vegan heaven.

Get the recipe here.

Cheddar Cheese Ball Recipe

With the holiday season fast approaching, many people are set to be standing around having good, long yarns and snacking on platter food. Try taking this vegan cheddar cheese ball to your next potluck, get-together or social – you’ll be glad to know there’s only 10 minutes of hands-on time to make it.

Get the recipe here.

Homemade Nut Cheese Recipe

LIVEKINDLY’s own fun nut cheese recipe is ridiculously simple yet makes a delicious ‘cheese’ sure to mimic your old favourite. Now that you have these 6 different combinations of international cuisine-inspired flavours, you can go nuts!

Get the recipe here.

Greek-Style Soft White Cheese Recipe

In this easy-to-follow recipe video, this cheese is made using a traditional method yet with only plant-based ingredients. This cultured cheese will have even cheese addicts questioning where your ‘bought’ it.

Get the recipe here.

Field Roast Cheese Products

According to Field Roast’s branch Chao Creamery “Instead of making fake dairy products that mimic the traditional flavors found there, we have innovated new flavors to delight and inspire you, and extend that to creamy spreads, sauces and dressings.” Their range of ‘cheese’ products are made from chao, an ingredient from fermented and seasoned tofu.

Find them here.

Tofutti Cheese Products

From cream cheese, cheese slices, sour cream and ricotta – Tofutti’s ‘cheese’ products are marketed as ‘better than [dairy counterparts]‘ for good reason. Tofutti ‘cheese‘ plus vegan ‘smoked salmon’ is the perfect modern take on your old favourite.

Find them here.

So Delicious Cheese Products

It’s a gouda day when you have So Delicious’ range of new vegan cheeses on your plate. This dairy-free brand has a wide range of products that aptly live up to their namesake. Want mozzarella, cheddar or cheddar jack shreds? They’ve got it!

Find them here.

Follow Your Heart Cheese Products

Follow You Heart is popular within the plant-based community for their VeganEgg product and Veganaise – but little may you know, they also produce great vegan cheeses! They have a vegan cheese product for every occasion; slices, blocks, shreds, parmesan and more.

Find them here.

This might sound a bit cheesy, but it’s hard not to be in love with all of these tasty alternatives!