19 Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty Buys From Glossier

Over the past few years, Glossier has achieved cult beauty status. So, when the brand began selling vegan beauty products, we naturally took notice. The company also recently launched a new brand, Glossier Play, which provides more color – and it has vegan options, too.

To help you streamline your vegan beauty product search, we’ve rounded up all 19 of Glossier’s vegan beauty products. Everything listed here will make any cruelty-free makeup lover swoon.

19 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

1. Zit Stick ($14)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

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Glossier’s portable Zit Stick’s claim to fame is this: the stick can decrease a pimple’s size in as little as 3 hours (!). You’ll see these lightning fast results if you use the product up to 3 times a day and at the first sign of a pimple. The Zit Stick contains a blend of 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, Tea Tree Oil, and Capryloyl Salicylic Acid, a “less irritating derivative of Salicylic Acid.”

2. Generation G lip color ($18)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

Generation G is Glossier’s take on the just-blotted – without the blot – lipstick trend. The line promises a casual hue with a colorful, yet muted pigment. Unlike your go-to matte lipstick, this lip color will merely boost your natural lip hue. The “diffused, matte goodness” goes on in a “swipe” and comes in 6 gorgeous colors.

3. Wowder Brush ($20)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

The Wowder Brush is made from 100 percent synthetic fibers and boasts a “high-grade, high-resistance” performance. The brush’s “fluffy” bristles combined with the brand’s Wowder – Glossier’s matte, shine-cutting powder (number 5 on this list) – provides a “real-skin finish.” The brush can easily reach any area you’d like to target and features a short handle, which provides “maximum control.” The Wowder Brush also comes in a hygienic travel pouch.

4. Wowder ($22)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

Glossier’s Wowder – a vegan powder – can help blur the appearance of pores and set makeup. The powder comes in 3 “sheer” adaptable shades – Light/Medium, Dark/Deep, and Rich. Wowder gets its texture from light-reflecting diamond powder, soft Kaolin clay, and silky vitamin E.

5. Milky Jelly Cleanser ($9, $18)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

The Milky Jelly Cleanser has received rave reviews from Glossier fans and other renowned beauty experts. It’s also earned a few notable awards – Allure’s 2016 and 2017 Best of Beauty designation, and one of Cosmopolitan’s 2015 Beauty Awards. The vegan daily face wash gently dissolves any makeup and grime your skin gets coated with during the day. The creamy gel formula is pH-balanced and contains five skin conditioners (poloxamer, rosewater, comfrey root extract, aquaxyl, and pro-vitamin B5). It comes in full-size and mini versions.

6. Lip Gloss ($14)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

Glossier’s Lip Gloss boasts a cushion-like feel and a “crystal-clear shine.” It’s free of the gluey and sticky feel most lip glosses tend to have. The lip gloss’ wand features a “fuzzy doe-foot applicator” that allows the user to apply a lightweight layer that has real staying power thanks to the brand’s Gloss-Lock Technology, conditioning polymers, and vitamin E.

7. Soothing Face Mist ($15)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

This simple, hydrating spray can help relieve stressed skin. Its main ingredient is rosewater, a “gentle and natural skin soother.” The beauty spray also features aloe and glycerin. The Soothing Face Mist’s pump also “dispenses an airy, luxurious mist,” with droplets that are “33 percent smaller than the average spray.” Impressive!

8. Super Pure ($28)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

Super Pure is Glossier’s potent Niacinamide facial serum. Niacinamide, a B3 vitamin, can help sooth facial redness. Allow this “super” serum to work its magic by applying 3-4 drops to your face; follow with a moisturizer. The vegan serum also contains zinc PCA, an ingredient that helps clear impurities and excess sebum in pores.

9. Perfecting Skin Tint ($26)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

Glossier has the answer to your lightweight skin tint needs. The brand’s perfecting Skin Tint now comes in 12 shades, catering to a diverse range of skin tones. The formula helps mask skin discoloration while still allowing your pores to breath. The product’s moisturizing tint contains blurring diamond powder, moisturizing glycerin, and lifting Polymer X.

10. Super Bounce ($28)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

We all know how miserable our skin can feel when it’s super dry (thanks, winter). Thankfully, Super Bounce is here to give your skin the hydration it needs. This facial serum contains hyaluronic acid, a natural skin plumping property, and vitamin B5. “Mushrooms, avocados, and lentils,” naturally contain the supple vitamin B5.

11. Invisible Shield ($25)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

This cruelty-free sunscreen is the ultimate in sun protection. The vegan water-gel formula is “filled with active microcapsules” that absorb “into skin with no greasy residue and zero white cast.” In addition to helping prevent sun damage, the sunscreen also neutralizes harmful free radicals and keeps pollutants off your skin.

12. Body Hero Daily Oil Wash ($18)

16 Vegan Beauty Products for the Glossier Fan

Glossier’s “water-free” oil cleanser leaves skin soft and supple while protecting its top layer. It features a luxurious seven-oil blend that gently washes away dirt. Coconut, meadowfoam, olive, and soybean oils moisturize skin; sesame oil soothes skin; grapeseed oil brightens skin, and sunflower seed oil protects the skin’s barrier. The product gets its fresh scent from an orange blossom neroli blend.

13. Mega Greens Galaxy Pack ($22)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

Looking for a vegan face mask that’s similar to a vitamin-packed, greens salad for your face? You’ve found it. Glossier’s Mega Greens Galaxy Pack contains leafy green phytonutrients, including parsley, spinach, and cress sprout extract, as well as bitter orange peel, white clay, avocado, aloe, and a superfruit antioxidant blend with eight omega-rich fruit extracts. Leave the mask on your face for 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

14. Solution ($24)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

If you’re looking to improve your skin’s overall appearance, try Glossier’s Solution. Solution is a daily skin exfoliator that can help remove dead skin cells via chemical exfoliation. The product leaves skin cleaner, brighter, and less red with the help of salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, gluconolactone, and an anti-stress complex. 

15. Super Glow ($28)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products from Glossier

Super Glow, a vitamin C serum, is designed to energize “dull, tired skin.” If you use the serum every day, you’ll notice your skin tone become evener. Super Glow serum gets its “superpower” from vitamin C (of course) and magnesium PCA, which serves as a “fresh battery for your skin.” 

16. Milky Oil Cleanser ($12)

16 Must-Buy Vegan Beauty Products From Glossier

Glossier’s Milky Oil cleanser is optimized for removing long-wearing and waterproof makeup without harsh ingredients – especially lipstick and mascara. This moisturizing cleanser combines micellar water, which attracts dirt and makeup, and oil, plus skin-conditioning pro-vitamin B5 and comfrey root extract. Glossier recommends removing makeup with Milky Oil and following up with Milky Jelly.

17. Glossier Play Glitter Gelée ($14)

This vegan glitter gel provides a long-lasting pop of metallic color in the shades gunmetal, gold, copper, or holographic.

18. Glossier Play Vinylic Lip ($16)

This high-shine, ultra-pigmented lip vinyl comes in a convenient, mess-free click-pen that allows for precise application. It’s available in six colors: plum, candy pink, terracotta, orange, red, and dark taupe.

19. Glossier Play Niteshine ($20)

This liquid highlighter has a buildable formula with an illuminating, foil-like finish that lasts long. It’s said to blend seamlessly into skin, giving depth to cheekbones brow bones, and your Cupid’s bow. It comes in four colors: deep bronze, ochre, pink, and champagne.

19 Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty Buys From Glossier
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19 Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty Buys From Glossier
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