Who doesn’t love a good insta selfie, regram, foodporn, fitspiration, BABY ANIMAL GIFS or funny video?

There is a whole universe of creative veggie IGers out there just waiting to be discovered and if you’re anything like us, you’ll forever be immersed in a rabbit hole of aesthetic acai bowls and memes.

So if you’re keen to find some inspiration or just want to scroll for the thrill, you are in the right place. Just be prepared for some major food-envy! #vegansofig you rock!


20 of The Best Vegan Instagram Accounts You Must Follow!


Warning: this account is guaranteed to make you drool! Featuring many hunger-inducing, professional-style photos from www.veganricha.com and her cookbook, plus links to recipes on all posts applicable, it is difficult to resist the temptation to scroll mindlessly through the nearly 2000 posts while you gain a wealth of culinary inspiration from this account! (You’ll gain a healthy appetite too…)

The best bit? The recipes are easy to follow, everything is vegan and bursting with cruelty-free flavour and health benefits! Veganricha really knows her stuff!


This account highlights recipe videos from other featured vegan accounts, it is your go-to for recipe videos and a helpful database to discover new grammers’! The account of the week feature is a fantastic way to find new inspiration and is a ton more fun than recipe-reading.

Check them out and get re-creating!


Previously known as @sobeautifullyraw, Sam Murphy is the author of a fantastic vegan cookbook, ‘Beautifully Real Food‘ and her posts are some of the most beautiful works of art you will ever see! Mostly raw cheesecakes and dessert-type foods, your sweet-tooth will be giving you mad cravings after browsing through this feed! And if that’s not enough, her website also has tons of incredible vegan recipes, in lieu of the cookbook.

What’s more? You can even place custom vegan cheesecake orders…


Caitlin Shoemaker is a Vegan recipe developer and ‘life enthusiast’ who gives us endless food and lifestyle inspiration (on envy) through her Instagram pictures that feature her highly aesthetic bowls of food and the occasional shot of her talented yoga poses! (Please teach us your flexible culinary ways!)

Her creativity is super inspirational, check our her account and FREE eBook with heaps of vegan recipes! Subscribe to her YouTube channel while you’re at it too.


Rachel is a ‘yoga enthusiast and oatmeal fiend’ vegan blogger from New York who shares colourful, drool-inducing, quality photos of her delicious and nourishing food, with the wholesome ingredients listed in the caption so you know what’s what!

There’s also great pictures of her travels to various vegan-friendly eateries and places within New York so that locals and tourists get the tried and tested goss’ on what’s good.

Wish our food looked as tasty and was as healthy Rachel’s!


This account is very different to the other accounts featured thus far; it isn’t food-picture related!

Vegan Memes Official posts a range of relatable  and chuckle-worthy memes that every vegan can sympathize towards!

Instagram doesn’t always have to be clogged with food photos, recipes and inspiration, and sometimes you just need a break from all that eye-candy  with some vegan humour!


Tired of seeing all these raw, ‘healthy’, fit vegan posts? Want to follow someone real who gives not a darn about how many nutrients that piece of lettuce contains and tracking every. single. thing on Cronometer? This account is for you.

Also known as @jllvalentine, Jess runs the @whatfatveganseat account so that your feed isn’t clogged with posts from #rawtill4, bodybuilders and ultra-slim vegans. It’s okay to shiver at the thought of kale and beetroot salad for dinner and gag at green juices!

Let’s all be real like Jess, we can’t always be perfect! As long as it’s vegan and cruelty-free, who cares if you like your veggies deep fried and dipped in cheeze?


Kath and Jade are the two sisters behind this beautiful account who post stunning pictures of their food creations.

Their wholesome, colourful food pics will honestly make you drool; Melt-in-the-mouth, amazing edibles which are totally irresistible! What more could we ask for? ..Delivery, I suppose.


Claudia is a 16 year old vegan from New Zealand who has a real natural talent for all things vegan food!

Mostly snacks and baking, with a combination of original and recreated recipes, it will be hard not to fall in love with her feed.

To top it all off, this she focuses on oil + sugar-free food that is indulgent and rich yet as well as healthy and wholesome. (Healthy banana bread, caramel slices, chocolate brownies and donuts…! Well, as healthy as they can be!)


Nina Gabriela is studying Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine and is a talented recipe-creator!

She really knows what she is talking about and has a fantastic understanding of flavours and balance when creating recipes.

Gabriela also writes very real, personal and relevant captions that inspire awareness of mental health, eating disorders and the importance of balance. This account won’t only benefit your taste buds, it will enrich your mind also. If you didn’t already have enough reason to follow, the photos of her adorable dog will definitely be a deal-maker.


This ‘creator of healthy vegan noms makes delicious looking, drool-worthy food and beverages which will put you in the mood to get in the kitchen! One of many amazing features about this account is that Sofie adds the recipe in the caption of each food photo so you can go and make exactly what she made too!

The addition of quotes every fourth post and cute sayings that are relevant and meaningful really maximise the aesthetic of this account and balance out all the high-quality, aesthetical food pictures.

With a quick stalk of Sofie’s account, it really is easy to believe her to be a professional chef!


A small account but with a fantastic purpose! Posting daily vegan recipes for new and non-vegans to recreate to their heart’s desire! There is a range of recipes from desserts to mains and everything in between with super clear instructions. The account is intelligently set out using the multiple-photo feature so that they can post a recipe title and a separate photo containing the recipe and ingredients list!


This eBook author is a mama of two (with one more on the way!) who creates healthy plant-based foods and raw desserts. Certain to make you feel all the feels, especially food envy, you’ll want her to adopt you! These kids are honestly so blessed.

The recipes are simple to follow and easy to make at home so you can get your bake on without extra effort and culinary experience required!

Talk about major parent goals…!


Posting plant-based food recipe videos that are straightforward and ridiculously easy to follow and re-create, BOSH shows what so called ‘rabbit food’ really looks like. The recipe videos are quick and to-the-point so you don’t have to fast-forward through introductions or unnecessary chatter! Just click play and watch or follow along to the recipe!

No lettuce, gym-junkie health posts or #rawsalad can be found here… GIVE US ALL THE CARBS AND TREATS!

Adding to the list of reasons to love BOSH, they are creating a BOSHBOOK which you can pre-order!


Demeter is a plant-based and allergy-friendly food blogger from Beaming Baker who makes recipes which are vegan, gluten-free and paleo. Not to mention absolutely delicious!

These recipes shut down all skepticism over vegan and gluten-free food being boring, expensive and made from dirt or twigs and prove exactly good how chocolate can be for you!

Scroll, salivate, repeat!


If you didn’t gather from the account name, this blogger creates recipes which use minimal equipment and ingredients. Every recipe has 10 or fewer ingredients, uses 1 bowl or takes less than 30 minutes to prepare – Perfect for lazy vegans who still want to create delicious, aesthetic and nourishing food!

Furthermore, every new post is accompanied by an updated link in the bio so you and the other 732,000+ followers can find the latest recipes straight away!

Just don’t look through this feed on an empty stomach…


Sryne is a 21 year old vegan who is proud to love all beings, her posts have a sophisticated grey-toned filter which add classy touch to her feed!

The captions are real, relatable and informative with the perfect balance of activism; even non-vegans will love her account.

Showcasing some of the best vegan-friendly places in New Zealand (and the breathtaking scenery) it will give you heaps of meal + snack ideas to guide you through veganism with little complication.


From the decadence of chocolate cheesecake, french toast or chewy marshmallow and caramel chocolate bars to sushi, waffles and smashed avo toast, Morag truly has a fantastic range of jealousy-inducing food on her account!

Whenever applicable, Morag will give us the recipe for her inspiring creation so that her 20,000+ followers can re-create her food and enjoy the wonderful, explosive flavours!

Follow her globetrotting eats for some serious life goals!


An account full of plant-based recipes to make you glow from the inside out. (hence namesake)

Angela Liddon posts photos of her creations and simple to follow recipe videos on her inspiring and drool-worthy account! (FEED US EVERYTHING FROM HERE!)

Liddon is also the founder of her blog, cookbooks and apps for IOS and Android! Furthermore, the app was voted one of the best of 2016 by the Canadian App store!


The Vegan Corner is a fantastic resource and an encyclopedic, comprehensive assortment of all the vegan recipes you could ever desire and more; a must-watch, their videos brighten your day when they pop in up in your subscription box!

Their recipe video tutorials are insanely easy to follow and the flavours are always spot on incredible!

From beverages, mains, condiments and spreads, raw foods, basics, sauces, snacks, appetizers and more, you certainly won’t be short on options.



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