35 Reasons to Celebrate Vegan Queen Kat Von D on Her 35th Birthday

Katherine von Drachenberg, better known as the one and only Kat Von D, is a renowned animal activist and vegan entrepreneur. After shooting to fame on the reality television show “Miami Ink”, Von D opened her own tattoo studio, High Voltage Tattoo. Ever since, her entrepreneurial efforts have been life-savers to animals (quite literally) and for consumers who desire quality vegan products.

In celebration of Von D’s 35th birthday, we’ve compiled a list of 35 reasons to show this strong and kind woman some love today.

35 Reasons to Celebrate Vegan Queen Kat Von D on Her 35th Birthday

1. She Speaks About Animal Rights Whenever She Can

Well, she’s clearly a natural at being a friend to animals.

2. She Speaks Openly About Veganism on Social Media

When it comes to animals – clear, open, and honest communication is just true Kat Von D style.

3. She Released a Liquid Lipstick Where 20% of Profits Go to Farm Sanctuary

Be right back, just swooning over how Von D is the embodiment of kind and generous!

4. She Promotes ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’, and Has 3 Adopted Sphynx Cats

If the purring is anything to go by, these two have a deep mutual love for each other! Don’t even get us started on her other two feline babies.

5. She Shares The Importance of Communicating About Veganism Effectively

Yep, effective communication is synonymous with living kindly.

6. Kat Von D Beauty Raised $256,000 for Project Chimps

You can buy one of the chimp-supporting lipsticks for yourself right here.

7. She Makes Handmade Vegan Leather Jackets Look So Badass

Von D doesn’t have the skin off anyone else’s back, on hers.

8. Her Cosmetic Brushes Use ‘Fur Free Artistry’

Phew! Consumers can put their makeup on happily- hair-free!

9. Her Beauty Brand Has Never Tested on Animals, and Never Will

Are lipsticks and eyeliners worth lives?

10. She Promotes Leather-Free Accessories

Listening to tunes isn’t the same without a swanky pair of vegan leather headphones, you feel?

11. She Does Instagram Giveaways to Support Animal Charities

A win-win situation.

12. She’s a Vegan Entrepreneur

Most commonly known for her makeup empire and tattoo designs, Kat Von D is also launching vegan shoes! When there’s a creative vegan entrepreneurial opportunity, Von D goes for it!

13. She Spoke in Front of Thousands at Circle V

A star-studded line-up of big vegan names naturally includes Von D.

14. She Helps People Share Their Pet Adoption Stories With Tattoos

Kat’s tats really capture the light of beloved cuties.

15. She’s Kind, Inclusive, and Accepts Everyone

Animals aren’t the only ones Von D is a true friend of!

16. She’s a Creative Makeup Visionary

If there’s anyone that can pull off literally any makeup look – it’s Kat Von D herself!

17. She’s Launching a Vegan Footwear Line

These definitely walk the line that balances kind and stylish!

18. She Supports Fellow Vegan and Cruelty-Free Brands

The more the merrier!

19. She Asks People to Put Animals Above Celebrating Her Birthday

Selflessness at it’s finest.

20. She Cares for the Planet as a ‘Goth Gardener’

A beautiful form of self-expression.

21. She Keeps it Real When Discussing Animal Rights

No sugar-coating or denial- just the facts.

22. She Provides Vegan and Cruelty-Free Lipstick Options for Everyone

Will we ever run out of options? Plus, it’s cool to have lipstick without fish scales and crushed beetles.

23. She Hangs Out With Real Wolves

Just another day…

24. She Breaks the Stigma of Tattooed Women

Ever heard the stereotypes that tattooed women won’t get jobs, can’t be successful, or that people will have prejudices toward them? Think again; Kat Von D is living (and thriving) proof that dreams do come true regardless of personal choices on physical appearance. Tattoos can make people feel empowered by their bodies, and she rocks her body art!

25. She Doesn’t Hesitate to Share Photoshop-Free Pictures

Von D sets a wholesome and positive example for people everywhere. She shows that wearing makeup, styling different outfits, and expressing yourself is a-okay, in the same sense that being free of makeup, editing, and false enhancements is also brilliant. People needn’t feel obliged to aspire to unrealistic perceptions of beauty.

26. She Helps People Make Kinder Choices When Holiday Shopping

Ah hello, who wouldn’t want one of these in their stocking?!

27. She Stood Against Animal Testing When NARS Wouldn’t

In a passionate Instagram post (warning: graphic content), Von D told the world of her disappointment about NARS’ controversial decision to test on animals. If the company won’t stand up for animals, someone with a large platform should – thanks, Kat!

28. She’s a Passionate Animal Activist

Animals are what drives Von D to make a difference, and she is doing a very good job of that.

29. She is Proud That Veganism Changed Her

Kat believes once you go vegan, there ain’t no going back! Certainly, this is a view shared by many and Von D is more than happy to spread awareness.

30. She Teams Up With Big-Name Celebrities To Help Spread the Vegan Message

When Kat Von D teams up with Greenday’s frontman – all the good things happen!

31. She Applauds Other Companies for Saving Animals

A small step for any company is a big step for vegan kind.

32. She’s Married to the Man Who Opened San Diego’s First Veggie Mexican Restaurant

Cutest. Couple. Ever. Please, keep eating plants together for eternity.

33. She Featured in the LAIKA Magazine, Saying Veganism Has Become Her Mission

And there won’t be an animal who isn’t grateful for her efforts.

34. She Volunteered at an Animal Sanctuary With Her Team on Her 34th Birthday

Parties are overrated, contributing to the wellbeing of animals is the new party. Or, has it always been and the world only came to a realization when Kat Von D made it look downright fantastic?

35. She Inspires Others to go Vegan

They say it takes a village to raise a person. Well, it only takes one to inspire a village. In regard to veganism, it’s fair to say Von D has inspired and continues to inspire the equivalent to a large number of villages! Keep up the kindness, Kat!

Image Credit: Kat Von D

Nadia Murray-Ragg :Social Media Coordinator and Freelance Journalist | Wellington, New Zealand | Contactable via nadia@livekindly.co