7 Vegan Bicycle Must-Have Accessories for Cruelty-Free Cycling or Spinning

*7 Vegan Bicycle Must-Have Accessories for Cruelty-Free Cycling or Spinning*

Once you learn to ride a bike and the training wheels come off, it becomes second nature. Whether you’re pedaling down Pacific Coast Highway on a beach cruiser, battling cars on a road bike, or tearing down cliffsides on a mountain bike, the act of cycling feels so natural. Bicycles are engrained in most cultures, and because of this familiarity, we often don’t realize that they’re not all vegan. Look down at your handlebars or your seat. Most are made with leather.

Before you clip in, run through this list of vegan bicycle accessories and equip your ride with the cruelty-free necessities.

7 Vegan Bicycle Accessories for Those Hiding From Hide

1. Comforting Balanced Black Vegan Leather Bike Seat

If you purchase a bicycle from a standard bike shop or sporting goods store, chances are you’ll be sitting on leather. Swap it out for this ergonomically designed vegan leather seat. It’s slightly wider than most sports seats, but also more streamlined than the large beach cruiser variety, offering both comfort and cushion without the cruelty.

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2. Upcycled Clutch Saddle Bag

Store the essentials in this saddle bag “designed for speed.” The compact bag is made of upcycled bike materials, such as bike tubes, to ensure nothing gets left to the landfill. The exterior is also made of rubber, so no worries about riding through a puddle or getting caught in the rain – your cellphone is safe.

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3. Vegan Handlebar Bell

vegan bicycle accessories

On your right! On your right! Let pedestrians know you’re coming with a friendly yet assertive ring, because there’s no way you’re stopping. It also works on slow bikers and cars making right-hand turns!

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4. Eco-Leather Bike Handlebar Tape

Handlebars getting a bit grungy? Repair your grips with this durable vegan leather tape. It’s anti-slip and cushy at the same time, so you can ride for miles.

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5. Vegan Cyclist Arm Warmers

7 Vegan Bicycle Accessories

Cyclists get out early in the morning, and although they’ll break a sweat, it can be cold at that hour. Slip on these arm warmers at the beginning of your ride, then store them in your pack when you’re hustling to not get dropped (or leading the pack).

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6. Anti-Theft Bike Helmet

7 Vegan Bicycle Accessories

Protect your head and the animals with this cool vegan-friendly headgear. The straps are made with vegan leather, and it comes with locking technology that allows you to attach the helmet to your bike – without the risk of it being stolen. It also has air vents and a minimalist design so when you do hop off your bike, you won’t have to face with the world with sweaty helmet hair.

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7. Natural Anti-Chafe Cream

We’re just going to put it out there – chaffing happens. Avoid the burn and the painful ride home with this vegan and cruelty-free natural chaffing cream. Bring on the bumpy terrain!

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