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Childhood is a special, valuable time. We form our identity as well as our sense of morals and values during this critical developmental stage in life, and this identity is inevitably shaped by the outside influences that surround us at a young age. Children have a great ability to learn and empathize, which is why it is so critical to teach them about love and compassion for all beings at an early age. These seven vegan children’s books are both entertaining and educational, communicating the idea that animals are friends, not food, and that every sentient being deserves respect and kindness. Gather the family and enjoy one of these delightful bedtime stories together.

7 Vegan Children’s Books That Teach Values of Compassion and Love For All

1. “Lena of Vegitopia and the Mystery of the Missing Animals”

What little girl doesn’t want to be a magical fairy princess? This book takes the magic to a new level by featuring a kind vegan princess who rescues her animal friends from being eaten. It nods to feminism with a focus on confidence and bravery, showing that one has the power to stand up for others in need, fueled by the superpowers of plants. This is an empowering bedtime story that teaches kids to be confident in themselves and that animals are friends, not food.

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2. “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals: A Book About Vegans, Vegetarians, and All Living Things”

One will get lost in the thought-provoking pages of this lovely read. The endearing characters are animals illustrated in a natural way, which helps children relate the animals on the page to the animals in real life. It lightly touches on the upsetting conditions at factory farms, without going so deep to inflict nightmares. It also details the negative environmental impact of eating meat, which further cements one’s perception that the Earth and its inhabitants deserve compassion.

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3. “Vegan Is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action”

This short but incredibly powerful read is perfect for children and the adult reader alike. It spreads not only a positive message about eschewing animal products from the diet but also discusses a more holistic love for animals. The approach taken to this writing is sensitive but there’s no denying its message: one has the opportunity to make ethical decisions everywhere.  From going cruelty-free to boycotting animal entertainment, the message in this book will bring out deeper thinking in everyone.

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4. “V Is for Vegan: The ABCs of Being Kind”

V is for Vegan, A is for Awesome, and C is for Compassion. Perfect for beginning readers, this delightful book teaches the alphabet, new vocabulary, and empathy. It also introduces key vegan food groups to get kids excited about plant-based nutrition and eating their veggies. The rhymes will be instilled into young memory banks and the adorable illustrations will have readers entranced.

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5. “Not a Nugget”

Chicken nuggets and children seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. This book stands to differ. It dispels the misconception that chickens are just on Earth to become nuggets and opens the question every young vegan will ponder, is this meal friend or food? “Not a Nugget” also features an insightful foreword by Gene Baur, the vegan founder of Farm Sanctuary, which will inspire both adults and children alike.

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6. “Linus the Vegetarian T-Rex”

Kids love dinosaurs—it’s why they made 14 “The Land Before Time” movies. Young readers will fall in love with Linus, a vegetarian T-Rex not quite understood by his carnivorous companions. This book delicately deals with sensitive issues such as feeling like the odd one out, teaching children about kindness and acceptance for all living beings.

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Vegan Children's books pig park

7. “Pig Park”

This lighthearted, vibrantly illustrated picture book is about a boy and a pig. Curly is a spunky companion animal, showing children that there is no difference between pigs and dogs when it comes to empathy. Curly loves to eat baby carrots and interact with his local community, like String Bean Pete who paints with beets. In addition to providing entertainment and a lesson in compassion, it may also excite kids about eating their fruits and veggies.

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