7 Vegan Mince Pies Available in the UK This Christmas Season
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Christmas simply isn’t Christmas in the UK without mince pies.

Whether you like them topped with icing or pastry, warmed up and covered in dairy-free cream or cold and straight from the pack, these little pies, filled with dried fruit and spices, are a festive season must-have.

That’s why we’ve sought out some of the best vegan-friendly mince pies available to buy in the UK this Christmas.


7 Vegan Mince Pies Available in the UK

Last year, ASDA made headlines for being the UK’s first mainstream supermarket to launch vegan mince pies. This year, the plant-based sweet treats are returning. The ASDA Mince Pies feature “Juicy raisins, festive spices and crumbly pastry… because it’s not Christmas without them.”

Find ASDA’s mince pies here.

 2. Waitrose & Partners

Waitrose & Partners has two gluten-free and vegan-friendly mince pie offerings this festive season.

For the less hungry shopper, the well-reputed retailer is offering the Waitrose Christmas Gluten Free Mince Pies. Made without milk, the two-pack of pies features gluten-free pastry filled with vine fruit and cranberry mincemeat.

For those brave enough to admit that two mince pies just might not be enough, the Waitrose Christmas 4 Gluten Free Mince Pies are also available. Suitable for celiacs and vegan-friendly, these pies feature vine fruit mincemeat with spices, raisins, sultanas, currants, and mixed peel.

Find Waitrose & Partner’s mince pies here.

 3. Tesco

The UK’s largest supermarket chain, you might say that Tesco has a duty to make sure that everyone gets their fair fix of mince pies this year. Well, fear not. Both Tesco’s non-decorative and Lattice Top Puff Pastry Mince Pies, featuring flaky dough filled with spiced sultanas, juicy raisins, and currants mincemeat, are made without eggs and dairy.

The chain is also selling Mr Kipling’s Free From Mince Pies, which feature gluten-free pastry and are vegan-friendly.

Find Tesco’s mince pies here.

4. Sainsbury’s

7 Vegan Mince Pies Available in the UK

For the sugar-lovers out there, Sainsbury’s has got you covered with its Free From Iced Mince Pies. Featuring a sweet white icing top and cranberry and citrus mincemeat, these pies are also wheat free, gluten free, and milk free.

Find Sainsbury’s mince pies here.


5. Greggs

Greggs, the largest bakery chain in the UK, is offering consumers a vegan-friendly Sweet Mince Pie this Christmas.

The chain says, “It’s that time of year when you can enjoy our sweet mince pies! Baked in shop, our deliciously crumbly shortcrust pastry is filled with a sweet mincemeat, made with vine fruits, Bramley apple and candied orange and lemon peel – YUM!”

Find Greggs’ mince pies here.

6. The Foods of Athenry

7 Vegan Mince Pies Available in the UK

Sure to put stars in your eyes – or mouths – this Christmas, The Foods of Athenry Very Merry Christmas Starry Mince Pies feature seasonal fruits, nuts, and spices. Each pie is filled with 50 percent homemade fruit mince filling, which is enclosed in a sweet shortcrust gluten and wheat free pastry.

Find The Foods of Athenry’s mince pies here.

7. Lottie Shaw’s

7 Vegan Mince Pies Available in the UK

Lottie Shaw’s promises that because each mince pie is shallow, each bite offers the perfect balance of spiced and fruity mincemeat to pastry.

Find Lottie Shaw’s mince pies here.

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7 Vegan Mince Pies Available in the UK This Christmas Season
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7 Vegan Mince Pies Available in the UK This Christmas Season
So that nobody misses out on mince pies this Christmas, we've listed the dairy-free, gluten-free, plant-based sweet pastry treats available in the UK.
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