7 Vegan Restaurants in Paris to Try On Your Romantic Valentine Weekend Getaway

Whether you’re after a Valentine’s Day weekend of romance, a few days getting stuck into history, or you’re a budding fashionista, Paris has a lot to offer its many visitors. However, the city of love is not often associated with plant-based food, given the French reputation for meat and dairy-heavy cuisine. But, there are some restaurants in the capital that are aware not everyone wants to eat frogs legs or cheesy Croque Monsieur. Lucky for those looking to avoid meat and dairy – but still take in the sights and sounds of one the most famous cities in the world – Paris is also home to a selection of vegan eateries.

7 Vegan Restaurants For a Weekend Away in Paris

1. Breathe Restaurant

If history is your thing, Breathe Restaurant is located in a quaint 19th-century former teahouse. Its 100 percent plant-based menu – consisting of a variety of dishes, including gnocchi, coco flan, linguine, and Thai curry – is based on “passionate cooking” and all of its products are sourced as locally as possible. If you’re looking for something a little bit fancy, Breathe Restaurant could be just what you’re after.

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2. Burger Theory

Nothing says Valentine’s Day fun in Paris like vegan burgers with a French spin. Burger Theory is all about serving good vegan fast-food. Just like in any other fast food joint, customers can order a variety of burger styles in a combo meal, with a drink, a side, and even a vegan brownie for dessert. This is the perfect place for a pit stop in the middle of a long day of sightseeing.

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3. Le Potager de Charlotte

Created by two brothers who are passionate about health, the environment, and animal welfare, upmarket Le Potager de Charlotte intends to bring a new “epicurean and gourmet approach to plant-based cuisine, along with a generous and warm-hearted service.” Its menu includes avocado served “hard boiled egg style,” Rice Vermicelli, and Chocolate Baked Pear.

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4. Hank Pizza

Even when you’re away from home, its good to know where your nearest vegan pizza is located. In Paris, Hank Pizza is a good bet for some plant-based cheesy indulgence. Choose from a variety of toppings, including ricotta, basil pesto, mushrooms, and pine nuts. If you want a different form of comfort food, the restaurant also offers a selection of vegan burgers.

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5. 42 Degrés

42 Degrés offers upmarket raw organic vegan cuisine; it’s even the “first crudivore vegan bistronomy restaurant in France,” according to its website. For your starter, choose from Autumn Garden salad with Woodland Moss or 7 Vegetable Soup. For main, you could opt for Algae Noodles or the restaurant’s signature Portobello Mushroom Burger. Whatever you decide, you’ll be blown away by the taste and presentation at 42 Degrés.

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6. Hot Vog

If you’re not into fancy food, or you just want something to tide you over while you stroll the streets of “Paree,” Hot Vog could offer the plant-based fast food you need. With a small seating area, the eatery mainly offers Hot Vegan Dogs to go; it also has food trucks parked in various locations across the city.

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7. Toutofu

As its name suggests, Toutofu is all about the tofu. If you’re in the mood for Chinese cuisine, the restaurant offers a variety of pancakes, steamed dumplings, and noodles, all served with tofu. Of course.

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