7 Vegan Tiramisu Recipes That Will Have You Eating Dairy-Free Desserts for Good
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Did you know “tiramisu” literally translates from its language of origin, Italian (tiramisù), to mean “pick me up”, “cheer me up”, or “lift me up”? Quite apt, considering the dessert is served at a variety of events and has guests pining for more of the indulgent treat.

However, most traditional tiramisu dishes will contain numerous animal products, including eggs and cheese. But as countless studies and research are suggesting, eating that way isn’t kind or sustainable to animals, human health, or the planet. Thankfully for tiramisu fanatics, experimental dessert aficionados, and coffee-aholics, there’s always a vegan way to whip one of the most beloved dishes known to the dessert world. That means swapping animal-based ingredients for plant-based alternatives, with the latter yet still delivering the irresistible flavor. If there’s one way to show your friends eating vegan is a joy, not a sacrifice, look no further than these seven recipes.

7 Vegan Tiramisu Desserts That Will Have You Eating Plant-Based For Good

1. Vegan and Gluten-Free Tofu Tiramisu

Everyone who tries this will be asking for more, pretty please with a cherry on top. Forget bland tofu that sits in the fridge while you unsuccessfully ponder a use for it, this recipe sheds fresh light on the story of when soybeans met creative dessert; it’s a fancifully beautiful love affair.

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2. Raw Vegan Tiramisu Pie

It’s hearty and made for sharing, although we don’t blame you for noshing it down in a week flat. Whether you’re looking to cool down with a treat this Summer’s day or huddle inside with a good movie and no guilt about going back for a second serving, this recipe is perfect for any situation that calls on healthy-ish, modernized pie.

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3. Vegan Tiramisu Fudge Bars

Bring an extra hit of caffeine to go with your mid-morning coffee by packing these tiramisu morsels in your lunch bag. Or wrap them up and gift to them your favorite friend. These fudge bars know no bounds.

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4. Vegan Tiramisu Recipe with Homemade Ladyfingers and Mascarpone

Let your taste buds take a trip to Italy with classic flavors and textures that meet compassionate ingredients. Devour the soft, tender, biscuit-esque ladyfingers that are perfectly complemented by the gooey, almost marshmallow layer atop. Combined, this dish makes one heck of a divine dessert.

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5. Vegan Tiramisu Cake

If you’re partial to a vanilla plant-milk latte, meet your new foodie best friend. This dish has a double-layer vanilla cake, smothered by just the right amount of vegan buttery cream and aptly garnished with chocolate flakes. You won’t reach for that regular chocolate cake in a hurry.

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6. Vegan Tiramisu Cupcakes

For those finger-food occasions when cake or trifle feels all-too extra and adds uncomfortable sophistication, the snacks tray calls for these cupcakes. With a sweet, spongy morsel topped by a thick creamy swirl of espresso icing and the addition of artsy chocolate, this recipe screams bakery flair while the at-home chef can humbly bask in their tasteful creation.

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7. You Wouldn’t Know It’s Vegan Tiramisu Trifles

Be the host of the year at your next dinner party when serving up these elegantly-presented, decadent trifles that ooze espresso and offer the luscious comfort of the plant-based cream. Shed light on the deliciousness of veganism, without anyone knowing the tiramisu they grew up with has had a sustainable makeover.

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