9 Cute Faux Fur Accessories to Keep You Warm This Winter

Spring may be on the horizon, but for many, the winter is still harsh. Temperatures are low, winds are high, and what you really need is some cozy accessories to keep you warm before spring manages to break through. If you’re not sure where to start looking, these nine vegan fur accessories will keep you super toasty over the next few weeks.

9 Vegan Fur Accessories to Keep You Warm Until Spring

1. Leopard Print Infinity Scarf by La Carrie

Made with acrylic yarn, this quirky soft pink leopard print infinity scarf by La Carrie can be worn a number of different ways. On a really windy, chilly day, wrap it snugly around your neck, or if your ears are getting chilly you could even lift it up around your head.

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2. Solid Headband by Calvin Klein

This luxurious cream faux fur headband by Calvin Klein is made with 100 percent polyester. It’s guaranteed to keep your head and your ears warm and toasty, whilst looking super stylish and cute at the same time.

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3. Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie by Brook + Bay

Made with faux fur and premium acrylic, these beanies by Brook + Bay are cute and practical. According to the brand, “like your favorite chocolate chip cookie, our beanies are chunky, soft, and warm. But not only will you feel good, you’ll also look good.”

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4. Fuzzy Mini Backpack by Me Plus

Okay, so it probably won’t keep you that warm but it does look super cute. Take this faux fur bag pretty much anywhere you like, to school, for a weekend away, or simply for a day out shopping.

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5. Mini Crossbody Bag by T-Shirt & Jeans

Made with polyester, the strap on this faux fur crossbody bag can be adjusted to your liking. Again, it’s probably not going to add much warmth to your outfit, but it looks snuggly, stylish, and wintery, so it kind of works.

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6. Ski Beanie Hats by Rockjock

Whether you’re planning a trip to the slopes, or your commute is just really chilly and you need something to keep your head warm, this beanie hat by Rockjock will do the trick. Pick from six different designs with different colored pom poms and beanies.

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7. Pom Pom Keychain by Real Sic

Have trouble finding your keys and end up turning out the contents of your bag every time you want to get back into your house? This pom pom keychain by Real Sic could really help you out. According to the brand, “[it’s] soft like real fur, but animal-friendly!”

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8. Foldable Ear Muffs by SBParts

This is one for those really, really cold, snowy days, the ones where your ears go red its so chilly. Made with the “finest, high-quality faux fur” these ear muffs are available six different colors, including vibrant blue and Rose Red.

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9. Cable Knit Hat by C.C. Thick

Made with acrylic and made in a variety of different colors – including Pink, Teal, and Taupe – this faux fur cable knit pom pom hat will keep you cosy and warm for many winters to come.

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