Sydney, much like it’s vegan sister cities Melbourne and Brisbane, can easily be considered a mecca for vegan food. Its plentiful plant-based offerings and fun-loving vibes have cemented the city’s status as a go-to for ethical eaters and the sustainability-conscious, with its throngs of tourists and lovely locals flocking to the highly-Instagrammable and buzzworthy food spots.

From authentic Pad Thai to desserts galore and even fluffy American-style pancakes, the Sydney vegan food scene is extensive. This bustling yet laid-back city also hosts a monthly plant-based market and a regular vegan chocolate masterclass for those looking for a more immersive experience. Sydney should be on everyone’s travel bucket list, and these 9 vegan restaurants will keep you full and happy while exploring this wonderful harbor city.

9 Not-To-Miss Vegan Restaurants in Sydney You Need to Try

1. Gigi Pizzeria

Wood-fired vegan pizza takes its rightful place front row and center in this comforting eatery. Gigi’s hasn’t always been vegan, but since it made the switch to stop serving animal products in 2015, it’s never looked back. “[A]fter opening our eyes to the cruel reality of animal agriculture, as well as realising it was the leading cause of environmental degradation, the only option for us was to remove animal products from the menu at Gigi,” the eatery wrote in an Instagram caption. The now plant-based pizzeria has also made efforts toward sustainability, stating, “After going vegan, we also looked at other areas we could make improvements, we ditched plastic straws and changed our [takeaway] containers to more environmentally friendly ones.” 

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2. Alibi Bar and Dining

This plant-based fine dining concept by vegan restaurant industry figurehead Matthew Kenney opened earlier this year. Using innovation, creativity, and a knack for elevated food and cocktails, Alibi’s menu is both sophisticated yet satisfying. Pop in for a drink and a snack, make a reservation for dinner, or partake in the nine-course plant-based tasting menu (the latter is highly recommended).

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3. Gathered Kitchen

A little bit naughty, a little bit nice, Gathered Kitchen brings together the best of both worlds. Think fresh spiralized vegetable salads, decadent croissants, and pancakes and waffles that are so tasty they will turn you vegan. Make sure you bring your loose pants and an appetite, but save room for a veganized Aussie favorite: the cruffin – a croissant muffin.

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4. The Green Lion

 Anything an omnivore can eat, The Green Lion can make it vegan. If you’re craving a good beer and comfort food, make a beeline to this plant-based pub. The menu includes loaded nachos, vegan cheesy lasagne, topping-heavy pizzas, stacked burgers with fries, and vegan fried fish filets.

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5. Soul Burger

Burgers may not be great for the waistline, but there’s no denying they’re good for our soul. Soul Burger is known for its outrageous burger creations, from its sticky-sweet jackfruit BBQ pulled pork to its veganized southern fried chicken sandwiches. Complete the meal with a creamy, dreamy, thick shake made with coconut ice cream. This is the place to live out your deepest vegan fast-food fantasies.

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6. Green Mushroom

The Green Mushroom is Australia’s first Indian vegan restaurant, and it has set the bar high. The restaurant focuses on local sourcing and creating authentic dishes, all of which are bright, balanced, and exceptionally well executed. You can’t go wrong with any dish you choose, but one thing is non-negotiable: do not pass up the vegan naan.

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7. Bodhi

Ask any local, and they’ll likely point to Bodhi as the best vegan restaurant in Sydney. Bodhi is a pioneer and specialist in making authentic vegan yum cha and Pan-Asian cuisine. Its menu is extensive, so go with friends, or plan to become a regular while you’re in town.

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8. Funky Pies

Aussies love a good meat pie. Funky Pies puts a plant-based spin on the classic with its “meaty” yet cruelty-free vegan savory pies. Choose from fun flavors such as the No Wurry Curry, G’Day Satay, Eezy Chic ‘n’ Cheezy, or the classic Funky Chunky. The eatery also offers savory flaky pastry rolls, plant-based quiche, and gluten-free apple pie. Grab a pie then head to Bondi Beach!

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9. Golden Lotus

This restaurant is the embodiment of how vegetables should be eaten. The premium quality vegan Vietnamese food will lure you into its stylish interior and have you dining until your stomach is filled with laksa and pho. From vegan duck and pork meat to rich yet delicate dumplings, there’s nothing quite like Golden Lotus.

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Image Credit: lovelivesinherkitchen | dearfrankiejay | lovelightandbananas