On April 25, New Zealand and Australia celebrate ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) Day. The public holiday is observed to remember to the ANZAC soldiers who fought on Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915 for an alliance between the two countries, many of whom lost their lives in battle.

Today, there are numerous memorials across the two nations and in Gallipoli. For many families, the day marks a time to remember their lost relatives and to honor the bravery of these soldiers who fought for their country. ANZAC celebrations are often centered around a meal, though the traditional foods of this commemoration are not vegan. However, the growing number of vegan Aussies and Kiwis can still participate in the celebration by swapping the traditional foods for plant-based alternatives, no compromise required. Enjoy everything from ANZAC biscuits to a seitan lamb-style roast with these nine veganized ANZAC Day recipes.

9 Vegan Recipes For a Plant-Based ANZAC Day Feast

1. Vegan ANZAC Biscuits

Soft and gooey in the middle, yet crisp on the outside, this recipe pays homage to a classic ANZAC biscuit, but with vegan ingredients. Perfect to make a big batch and share with the whole family!

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2. Raw Vegan Lemon Cheesecake with Anzac Cookie Crust

If you’re looking to change up the traditional ANZAC day table spread by taking a new spin on an ANZAC biccy’ that still tastes familiar and all guests can enjoy, this vegan cheesecake will have everyone coming back for more. As recipe creator Pure Harvest describes “We paired an oaty Anzac base with a creamy lemon filling for the perfect combination of sweet and tangy.”

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3. Vegan Pavlova

Whether it’s Christmas, ANZAC Day, Easter, or a dinner party, you can always count on the Kiwi’s and Aussies to whip up a mean pavlova – just don’t bring up the country of origin debate! While the traditional recipe calls upon egg whites, aquafaba (chickpea/bean brine) perfectly replicates this delicate meringue.

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4. Vegan “Roast Lamb”

A classic holiday lunch or dinner table “down under” often includes a centerpiece of roast lamb. However, rather than commemorating the soldiers who gave their lives for New Zealand and Australia by taking the life of a baby sheep, fill the plate with compassion in the form of this seitan lamb-style roast.

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5. Vegan “Cheesymite” Scrolls

If you haven’t had the pleasure of coming home to freshly baked cheesy vegemite scrolls yet, give this recipe a go. Cheese and vegemite is a surprisingly delicious combination, and the scrolls have become somewhat of a staple in Australian and Kiwi children’s diets. This veganized recipe delivers a strikingly similar taste and texture to the famed original!

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6. Vegan Corn Fritters

Ah, corn fritters, an easy weeknight go-to for many families. When paired with generous dollops of tomato or sweet chili sauce, this dish screams Kiwi classic. Fry up a familiar favorite this ANZAC day.

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7. Curried Shepherd’s Pie

Never eat a bland shepherd’s pie again. This vegan version adds some kick and major flavor with its curry spices and caramelized tomato paste. Like the traditional pie, it will also keep you full for hours. It is loaded with protein-packed lentils and chickpeas, along with tons of veggies, and topped with a creamy coconut mashed sweet potatoes.

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8. Raw ANZAC Biscuits

We get it, not everyone is about that sticky sweet indulgence life. These raw renditions of the classic biscuit are slightly sweet without being too overpowering. Also, there are only four pure ingredients, which make them perfect to balance out all that holiday feasting. Wind down with one or two of these wholesome morsels and a cup of tea.

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9. Grillable Veggie Burgers

These burgers are hearty and satisfying, simple yet tasty. Not only will they please a crowd, they also pack in 14 grams of protein per patty. This recipe is perfect for enjoying a “meaty” feast with the entire family.

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