Actor Mena Suvari Says She Loves Her New Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Sustainable Life

Mena Suvari, star of the upcoming Paramount Network sitcom “American Woman” recently revealed to Stylish by Us Weekly that she has been following a vegan diet.

“I’ve been vegan for almost 10 months now and I went completely cruelty-free in my life even with my beauty products and my whole wardrobe,” Suvari told Stylish.

She continued, explaining how going plant-based has led her to make sustainable clothing and eco-conscious fashion choices. “I feel really good making the personal changes that I did and I’ve always loved fashion, so I wanted to make it a point, for whatever it’s worth, and show people that you can have fun with sustainable fashion and that it’s possible,” she said.

“Eco-friendly and sustainable fashion is what’s important to me,” Suvari added, noting that some of her favorite brands since going vegan are Angela Roy, Amur, SUSI Studio, and Delux.

“You’re doing a good thing for the environment, you’re doing a good thing for animals and you’re saving a lot of money. I love being able to feel good in what I’m wearing,” Suvari said.

In February, Vanity Fair noted that the Suvari was eating a vegan burger during an interview. However, this appears to be the first time that the Suvari has spoken publicly about being vegan.

Actor Mena Suvari Says She Loves Her New Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Sustainable Life

Suvari is one of many vegan celebrities speaking out about living a cruelty-free lifestyle. Madeleine Petsch, star of the CW teen drama Riverdale, has been particularly vocal about how going vegan has benefited her health. The actor teamed up with PETA2 last year to promote the lifestyle. Earlier this year, Grammy award-winning artist MYA released a free Vegan Transition Guide.

When it comes to a cruelty-free fashion, a number of top fashion designers like Tom Ford and Donatella Versace, have recently made headlines announcing that their brands would be going fur-free. Later this year, makeup and tattoo artist Kat Von D is set to launch her highly-anticipated vegan leather shoe collection, including sustainable and eco-conscious leather made from apple peels.

Image source: Mena Suvari