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Real estate company Bryant Commercial Real Estate (BCRE) — run by a female and women-of-color dominant team — is bringing Arizona its first all-vegan grocery store.

BCRE secured a 25-month lease on a 1,400 square-foot storefront for the Veggie Rebellion team. The Sales and Leasing Agent at BCRE, Vinny Summo, was part of this deal and explained this big move: “This is the beginning of a changing retail landscape,” he explained, “the vegan food industry grew by $3.1 billion in one year.”

Arizona’s First All-Vegan Supermarket Expands Following Demand for Plant-Based Food

Veggie Rebellion is Arizona’s first all-vegan grocery store and is now getting a much larger space so they can serve a larger community. In a blog post about the announcement, the team wrote:

THANK YOU for your love and support. We couldn’t do this without the support of our community and we are so grateful.

We are waiting on a couple of things before we announce our grand opening date, but please rest assured, it’s coming in the next few weeks. Pinkie swear.”

One of the biggest hurdles for new and potential vegans can often be the difficulty of shopping, particularly in grocery stores with huge selections. Stores like Veggie Rebellion take out all the anxiety and guesswork and give folks a safe space to shop without worry about hidden animal ingredients. While there are plenty of user-friendly apps that can make the vegan shopping experience much easier, shoppers still love stores like this that prioritize convenience and meet their needs.