Kendrick Farris was recently named as one of Sports Illustrated’s Fittest 50 Men at number 27. In a list featuring Cristiano Ronaldo; serial Tour de France winner, Chris Froome; the man who broke Michael Johnson’s obscene 400m world record, Wayde Van Niekerk; Roger Federer; and LeBron James… it’s really no mean feat. A three-time Olympian, Farris […]
Burgers, sausages, mince, chicken. All those things! Just, you know, vegan. Food science has come a long way over the years, and vegan food science is the one killing it right now – which is nice as it doesn’t kill any animals. Demand is at a level never seen before, probably in part because there […]
Clarence Kennedy is an Olympic Irish weightlifter who gets all his power from – you guessed it – plants. The vegan YouTube and Reddit star’s training lifts match most Olympians, but interestingly for a guy with an immensely popular YouTube channel he stays away from the limelight. He doesn’t compete, and he doesn’t even have […]
According to the people over at Men’s Fitness the principles of building muscle are the same if you’re vegan or not: after a workout, eat protein; balance your meals with fat, protein and carbs; and eat fewer carbohydrates at night. Good news for anyone who wants to get ripped and follow a vegan diet. It […]
Naturex, one of the leading influential natural ingredients companies has agreed a global distribution deal with MycoTechnology – the start-up behind Pure Taste fermented shiitake vegetable protein. As a result of the new deal, the mushroom protein will be a brand new addition to the food supplements market. Naturex started talking to MycoTehcnology around nine […]
A twenty year old record for powerlifting has been broken by a vegan powerlifter. 36 year old Bill McCarthy is one of the most successful powerlifters in the US, winning at the US Open on multiple occasions and was Champion at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2013. But most recently he took the Maryland State […]
“I was a black belt in smoked meats”, are the words of John Teeters, M. D., chief of cardiology at Highland Hospital. Was. The meat loving cardiologist from North Carolina changed in spring of last year to a plant based diet, after being participating in a six-week introduction offered by Rochester Lifestyle Medicine. A programme […]
Politics! No, wait, don’t run off. It’s fine. It’ll all be fine. Hopefully. Probably. That said, a recent study found that conservatives are far more likely to return to consuming meat after being on a vegan diet. The study by Gordon Hodson – a psychology professor at Brock University – used a sample of 1,313 […]
All day vegan event in Glasgow alert! Strathclyde Goes Vegan is a vegan street food festival happening on the 26th of August at Strathclyde’s Student Union. And don’t worry if you’re not a student, you’re totally welcome too! Glasgow vegan scene is on the rise and this isn’t even the only event scheduled in Scotland’s […]