Stonehenge is famous across the world. Perhaps less famous, but no less important, is Ohio’s “corn Stonehenge.” Completed in 1994, Dublin Arts Council commissioned artist Malcolm Cochran to create the public art installation. According to the Arts Council website, the giant corn monoliths were created to symbolize the “history of the community’s farming legacy and […]
Vegan musician and activist Moby may have just confirmed Leonardo DiCaprio follows a plant-based diet. Moby described his opportunity to have brunch with actor and environmentalist DiCaprio, and primatologist Jane Goodall. In an article on Spectator, he describes the invitation from DiCaprio as “A BIG MOMENT.” There was a time when Moby and Leonardo DiCaprio […]
Prince William has always been a champion for wildlife and endangered species. Last week he once again spoke out against wildlife traffickers and the illegal wildlife trafficking trade. In a speech at a meeting for the United for Wildlife Joint Taskforce, the Duke called for the appropriate punishment for perpetrators saying, “We must start to […]

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