Packed with flavours this vegan Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Curry is an easy and straightforward recipe bursting with plant-based goodness. Ready in 35 minutes it makes the perfect family meal. The peanut butter blends perfectly with the curry spices and the coconut milk to create a creamy satay-like sauce. This is a mild dish that kids and […]
Bursting with flavour, this garlic and tomato pasta makes a delicious and easy dish. Serve it slightly warm or at room temperature. It is also scrumptious the next day as a cold leftover. This is an old family recipe that I have wanted to share for a while. Back home we call it Pâtes à l’ail. […]
This tasty vegan mushroom lentil pâté is really delicious on bread or crackers. Serve it as an appetizer with cornichons, gherkins and/or pickled onions. I have never been a fan of meat pâtés as I find them too greasy. This low-fat alternative is made from lentils and mushrooms. I added liquid smoke (which you can find in […]

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