The international environmental organization, Greenpeace, is calling for a worldwide decrease in meat and dairy consumption. According to a new report released today by the organization; if we are to avoid dangerous levels of climate change, the global population must cut its meat and dairy intake by fifty percent by 2050. Greenpeace, which operates in […]
7-Eleven’s makeup line, launched at the end of last year, is affordable, chic and cruelty-free. The vegan line, Simply Me Beauty, includes 40 different products all priced $5 or under and is suitable for varying skin types and tones. Eyeshadow palettes, bronzers, BB creams, concealers, and blushers are just some of the makeup products on […]
On the evening of Thursday 22nd February, Christopher-Sebastian McJetters, a lecturer of Columbia University, gave a talk on intersectional discrimination between race, class and species. During the talk, organised by the Cornell Students for Animal Rights group, McJetters discussed how veganism can be used to address racism. McJetters acknowledged how, of course, the mainstream vegan […]
Dairy farming is polluting New Zealand’s lakes, making over half completely “unswimmable”. Government data released back in 2013 stated that around 60% of the countries’ lakes and rivers were not safe for humans to submerge themselves in. The situation since then, it seems, is hardly improving. According to The Economist, around 6.6 million cattle are […]
New vegan bakery, L’Artisane Creative Bakery, is due to open in Miami Beach this week. Founded by chef Carolina Molea and inspired by her many trips to France, the new bakery will offer a wide selection of traditional French treats made vegan. Croissants, pain au chocolat, petits gateaux as well as an assortment of muffins […]
Eleven-year-old vegan and animal rights activist, Genesis Butler, has become the first-ever winner of the Carlee and Laurie McGrath Young Hero to Animals award. Butler was chosen for the award by PETA Kids for her inspirational attitude toward saving animals. “Huge congrats to Genesis Butler (@aveganchildsjourney) for becoming the first-ever winner of the Carlee and […]
(Updated July 13, 2021) | Vegan musician, author, restaurateur, and prominent animal rights activist, Moby, say that all of the profits from his new album will be given to animal rights organizations. Profits from his upcoming live shows will also be donated. The album, “Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt,” is due for release this […]
Vegan Icelandic powerlifter, Hulda B Waage, aka the “Vegan Viking”, has come away from the Icelandic national championships as the highest ranked female lifter. Waage squatted 215kg, which was 2.5kg above her own personal record. Despite her success, Waage herself was disappointed with her performance. “I was dissatisfied with my results,” the lifter told Great […]
UK Fudge brand, FabFudge, have announced the release of their brand-new, vegan-friendly, Creme Egg Easter Egg. Based in the Bristol area, FabFudge have created their new Easter Egg to mimic Cadbury’s popular Creme Egg. However, unlike Cadbury, the FabFudge egg is solid all the way through. You can also purchase the vegan Creme Egg fudge […]
In a recent interview with Food & Wine magazine, popstar and actor Jaden Smith, spoke out about his environmentally friendly, meat-free lifestyle. And when asked what he often craves, it was vegan pancakes that came top of the list. “Vegan pancakes and vegan butter is the best combination. And vegan bacon and vegan sausage are […]
The first ever vegan-friendly community platform to have its own cryptocurrency has launched this week. The cryptocurrency of the online marketplace, VeganNation, is named VeganCoin. The new platform will also allow users to share vegan recipes and generally share content with like-minded people, as well as order vegan food. Isaac Thomas, a vegan himself and […]
Vegan haircare and dye company, oVertone, have released a new video speaking out against the digital alterations that often occur in the beauty industry. The video begins with a model in a wig, which changes colour multiple times. This is a nod towards how digital alterations and airbrushing techniques are often used by other companies […]
Leading plant-based milk brand, Good Karma Foods, has announced the launch of brand new ready-to-drink flax milk. The new products are nutritious with low sugar and packed with omega-3, vitamins a and d, calcium, and protein. The new beverages will be available for purchase at supermarkets across the United States, as well as the online market […]
Joel Manby, the CEO of SeaWorld Entertainment, has resigned, the company announced this week. Manby reportedly stepped down as the head of the company due to a net loss of $20.4 million in the fourth quarter of 2017. Over the course of 2017, profits for SeaWorld profits continued to drop as consumers, celebrities, and animal rights groups […]
UK newspaper, The Guardian, is set to launch a new article series focused on animal farming. The new series is funded by the Open Philanthropy Project and will consider how animal welfare has gone down hill in UK farms. The series will examine how livestock is kept and evaluate what happens to the animals that go […]
Olympic skier, Gus Kenworthy, along with the Humane Society International, has saved ninety dogs from the South Korean dog meat trade. Kenworthy has been in South Korea competing in the Pyeonchang Winter Olympics. At the beginning of the week, Kenworthy and his partner paid a visit to one of seventeen thousand dog farms in the […]
Canadian pasta company, Chickapea, says it will introduce a new line of healthy vegan mac and cheese into the U.S. market. Chickapea firmly believes that health and convenience do not have to be mutually exclusive, and neither does taste. “We all love pasta! It’s delicious, comforting, versatile and fun!,” the team stated on the company website. “It’s also super […]
UK veggie brand, BOL Foods, have announced they will be going completely vegan as of Summer 2018. “Today, we are announcing something very important to us: a deepened commitment to the plant-based journey,” the team stated in a post on their Instagram account. After cutting out meat and fish from their veggie pots, salads and […]
Successful American rap artist, Remy Ma, recently revealed her weight loss secret and it’s not a fad celebrity diet. The multi-platinum selling artist says her new physique is all down to cutting out the meat from her meals. The star was looking healthy and fresh when she appeared on popular U.S. chat show, “The Wendy Williams […]