Vegan celebs, Ruby Rose and Lewis Hamilton, have been hanging out together at animal-friendly Tommy Hilfiger’s fashion show during Milan Fashion Week. Ruby Rose posted the image of herself with the racing car driver on her Instagram story. The show was titled #TOMMYNOW and featured appearances from supermodels such as Gigi Hadid, her sister Bella […]
American Filmmaker, Kevin Smith, has revealed he suffered a major heart attack over the weekend. A health scare that he claims has made him think seriously about his diet. In a heartfelt Facebook post, the producer of “Clerks” stated, “maybe it’s time to go vegan.” The incident occurred after the star had performed a stand […]
Sales of Beyond Meat in Hong Kong have quadrupled over the last year, says chairman of the brand, Seth Goldman. He is also looking at expanding to new markets, having recently launched in New Zealand and announced plans to do the same in the UK in 2018. The key to the brand’s success is appealing […]
The products of “cruelty-free, wallet-friendly” makeup company, ColourPop, will be on the shelves of U.S. beauty chain, Ulta, as of tomorrow. ColourPop strives to create luxury beauty items that come without the luxury price tag. Vibrant eyeshadow palettes, lip gloss, and highlighters are among the line’s best-selling items. “We’re thrilled to enter Ulta Beauty doors and […]
A brand-new vegan festival is coming to Detroit on March 8, named V313. Headlined by Dr. Milton Rene Mills of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, this veg fest will be held at the Eastern Market Corporation and will include live music, guest speakers, plenty of shops and vegan food stalls, as well as a […]
2015’s popular vegan documentary “PlantPure Nation” is now available to stream online for free via the film’s website, Amazon Prime and on YouTube. Up until now, the documentary has only been available to buy or rent. Before “What the Health” and after “Cowspiracy,” PlantPure Nation was released. The film focuses on the health benefits of a plant-based […]
Jacob McKean, the founder of popular craft beer brewery, Modern Times, has announced the opening of a new vegan restaurant. Named “The Far West Lounge”, the new project for McKean will be located in the city of Encinitas, San Diego County. The restaurant will serve a menu like that of the existing Modern Times Los […]
Ethical veggie and vegan brand, Oumph!, have announced the addition of two new pizzas to their existing range of products. The company posted an image of the newbies, one grilled style with peppers and red onions and the other Italian style with semi dried tomatoes and rocket, on their Instagram account. The caption stated, “Happy […]
Animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has awarded Canadian retailer Hudson’s Bay Company with a Certificate of Appreciation for providing vegan uniforms to the Canadian Winter Olympics team. “With their faux-fur pom-poms, wool-free sweaters, and synthetic-down insulation, Team Canada’s uniforms prove how stylish and warm vegan outerwear can be,” explained […]
U.S. based vegan meat producer Tofurky has announced that it’s popular offerings will soon be appearing on the shelves of Woolworths throughout Australia. “It’s official!” the company stated in a Facebook post. “Tofurky is coming to Woolworths around Australia, hitting the shelves next week! A huge thank you to our amazing fans for helping us get […]
Former frontman of The Smiths, singer-songwriter Morrissey, has written a letter to the Irish Minister for Agriculture, Food, and the Marine requesting that fur farming be outlawed in Ireland. The letter, that was written on behalf of activist group PETA, begins with congratulating the country on its recent ban of the use of wild animals […]
Widely popular UK Brand Thai Taste is focused on bringing the flavour of delicious Thailand on to British soil. In an effort to help vegetarians and vegans get that traditional southern Thai fishy taste to their dishes, the company has revealed a brand new fish sauce — but hold the fish. This vegan sauce gets it […]
Sales of vegetarian options in Ireland rose by 18% in the last quarter of 2017, according to a new report from the Kantar Worldpanel. Much like their British neighbours, Irish citizens are changing their habits as more and more studies show that a widespread appetite for meat and dairy is negatively affecting the planet, human […]
Australia’s growing camel milk market is feeling stalled by the success of the booming nondairy industry, says a new report. “Plant-based milk alternatives such as soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk are some of the major competitors for camel milk,” the report by Technavio stated. Camel milk took off in recent years as an alternative […]
Unless you’ve been living on the moon for the past month or so, it’s likely you will have heard the term ‘Veganuary’, the word was even named as Oxford Dictionary’s word of the week in mid-January. The campaign really took off in 2018, with the charity breaking their own personal record with a huge total […]
The Welsh government has announced plans to ban circuses that use wild animals from travelling and performing in the country. Whilst Wales does not have any native circuses that use wild animals, up until now foreign circuses that include them have been allowed to enter the country. The ban comes after Scotland and England also […]
If hiking is your thing, you’ll know that taking the right snacks along with you is vital to keeping your energy levels up. Who wants to miss out on the sights of an amazing place just because you were flagging due to lack of sustenance? Here are the best vegan snacks you can buy to […]
Polar bears are facing extinction. This isn’t new information, but it turns out the situation could be moving at a much faster rate than originally suspected. A three-year study published in the online journal, Science, found that animals living in the Arctic, including polar bears, are struggling to find food. Many are starving. Due to […]
The team at Food Box HQ have been on a mission to find out which states across the U.S. have the most residents open to dating a person with a vegan lifestyle. Or not dating, as the food blog represented it. According to Food Box, “28.2% of singles would not date a vegan.” However, what this […]
Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, is well known for its hiking trails, stunning scenery and beautiful Buddhist temples. However, what you may not have considered about Taipei is the fact that it is actually one of the most vegan friendly destinations in the world. The city was even given the title of “Asia’s Most Vegan Friendly City’” by […]