The stylish vegan lipstick brand Blush & Whimsy has been chosen to supply lipsticks for the Oscar nominee gift bags at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. The New Mexico company’s ‘color-changing’ lipsticks were such a hit in the Grammy’s gift bags, that they have been chosen once again by another prestigious award ceremony as the perfect product […]
Meagan Duhamel, a vegan figure skater, has landed herself a gold medal at this year’s Winter Olympics in South Korea. The skating champion scored first place alongside her partner, Eric Radford, who is the first openly gay man to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics. Duhamel and Radford performed their routine to Adele’s […]
Manchester United footballer Chris Smalling is becoming a better player thanks to his vegan diet. Since ditching animal products in favour of plant-based foods, the 29-year-old footballer is “constantly getting stronger,” he told Sky Sports. Smalling, who plays as centre back, converted to a plant-based lifestyle slowly but surely, initially phasing out red meat – […]
In an article on, Dr Michael Greger has warned that around one in eight of us are now facing chronic kidney disease without even realising. This is a particularly scary statistic, however, Greger is quick to offer up a solution. According to the plant-based expert, eating more protein from plants and consuming less meat […]
A medical center in West Palm Beach, Florida, has become the first medical facility in the state to offer patients plant-based menu options. The Good Samaritan Medical Center hopes to become a national leader and inspire other medical establishments to follow their lead by introducing a plant-based menu. “We respect the dietary needs of our […]
It’s that time of year again, some people love it and others hate it, but no matter what you feel, Valentines Day is just around the corner. If you’re the type who embraces a bit of romance and you’re planning a quiet night in on February 14th with your partner in crime, we’ve got some […]
Goldman Sachs have revealed the winners of the India Impact Fund 2018. Three non-governmental organisations were awarded $100,000 as a grant to help them continue with their work. Amongst the winners is Say Trees, an organisation based in Bangalore, which is determined to protect the environment through vital tree-plantation projects. Writing on their website, the […]
Mooala, the Dallas-based organic, dairy-free, plant-based beverage brand announced this week that it has secured $5 million of equity capital that will help it to roll out its family-friendly products further across the United States to meet the growing demand for nondairy milk. The funding has been led by M3 Ventures and Sweat Equities. Writing on […]
The popular travel company, Thomas Cook, has agreed to stop the online promotion of trips to SeaWorld and other animal excursions. It is suspected that the decision has been made due to pressure put on the company by animal rights organization, PETA. PETA successfully managed to get its supporters to send over 20,000 emails to […]
Popular London based skatewear designer Max Lami is launching a new vegan line, expected to be available for UK residents at the end of this year. Max Lami is a designer whose first goal in life was to become a professional skateboarder. However, after suffering an injury to his knee, Lami had to resign himself […]
If you make the decision to go to vegan, it is inevitable that you will at some point hear the question, “so, where do you get your protein from?” Well, vegan NFL player, David Carter, has offered up the perfect response. Next time someone asks you the infamous question, just respond with, “anything under the […]
Danny Trejo is not only a successful Hollywood actor (he’s made more than 70 movies), but the star is also a keen foodie and taco enthusiast. And with a vegan son, Trejo has a soft (shell) spot for vegan tacos. Trejo owns the appropriately named popular LA taco chain, Trejo’s Taco’s. Trejo was recently featured […]
Sea Shepherd, a marine conservation project best known for its work to stop commercial whaling as detailed on the 2008-2015 Animal Planet series, “Whale Wars”, has announced the opening of a new vegan tattoo studio in Amsterdam. The new studio is the initiative of Geert Vons, the artistic director of Sea Shepherd. All profits from […]
One of the UK’s largest high street coffee chains, Costa Coffee, have announced they will be adding to their vegan selection. Currently the vegan options on Costa’s menu are far from impressive, the chain has introduced new coconut milk based drinks, but has only a few snacks on offer and a lunch option of tomato […]
On the streets of the Vatican City, billboards have been erected asking people to give up meat for the duration of Lent. The wording on the sign translates to mean, ‘I am someone, not something, this Lent, become Vegan.’ Signs in major cities and towns in locations with high foot traffic have become an increasingly popular […]
The date and location for the Sydney premiere of the latest Vegan documentary, “Dominion,” has been announced. The premiere will be taking place on April 14th at the Dendy Cinema Opera Quays, courtesy of Aussie Farms, Animal Liberation NSW, and Sydney Pig Save. The premiere will feature some extra-special guest appearances from activist James Aspey and […]