Sea Shepherd, a marine conservation project best known for its work to stop commercial whaling as detailed on the 2008-2015 Animal Planet series, “Whale Wars”, has announced the opening of a new vegan tattoo studio in Amsterdam. The new studio is the initiative of Geert Vons, the artistic director of Sea Shepherd. All profits from […]
One of the UK’s largest high street coffee chains, Costa Coffee, have announced they will be adding to their vegan selection. Currently the vegan options on Costa’s menu are far from impressive, the chain has introduced new coconut milk based drinks, but has only a few snacks on offer and a lunch option of tomato […]
On the streets of the Vatican City, billboards have been erected asking people to give up meat for the duration of Lent. The wording on the sign translates to mean, ‘I am someone, not something, this Lent, become Vegan.’ Signs in major cities and towns in locations with high foot traffic have become an increasingly popular […]
The date and location for the Sydney premiere of the latest Vegan documentary, “Dominion,” has been announced. The premiere will be taking place on April 14th at the Dendy Cinema Opera Quays, courtesy of Aussie Farms, Animal Liberation NSW, and Sydney Pig Save. The premiere will feature some extra-special guest appearances from activist James Aspey and […]
In an article published yesterday on, Dr. Michael Greger spoke out about the difference between a plant-based diet and vegetarianism. He explained, ‘the recommended plant-based diet is not the same as vegetarianism, vegetarians often consume all sorts of less-than-healthful foods, such as oils, margarine, dairy products, and eggs.’ Ultimately, vegetarianism is a good first […]
Tonight, Olympian Lawrence Okolie will face Isaac Chamberlain in a highly anticipated boxing match in London’s O2 arena. His vegan diet, he says, will not make any difference to his chances. If anything, he says he is no longer suffering from the fatigue that eating meat left him with. Okolie has been eating a plant-based […]
British musician and ex X-Factor judge, Gary Barlow, has teamed up with BOSH to create a vegan dinner on their YouTube channel, BOSH TV. The duo behind BOSH, Ian and Henry, who have a new vegan cookbook coming out soon, showed the star how to make a ratatouille roulade. Gary was impressed with the final […]
Much like in other parts of the world, concern for animal welfare in China is growing. Back in December, the sale of ivory in the country was banned and it was also recently predicted that the Chinese vegan market is expected to grow by 17% by 2020. Now, the Ministry of Education have introduced a […]
The brothers behind Wicked Healthy food, Derek and Chad Sarno, have announced the launch of their highly anticipated vegan cookbook due to hit the shelves on May 8th. The book, entitled, “The Wicked Healthy Cookbook: Free. From. Animals.,” will feature a forward written by award-winning actor and longtime vegan, Woody Harrelson. At the end of last […]
In short, the answer is no. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a vegan, your views are still valid, and your efforts still valued, even it’s your first day of going completely “cruelty-free”. Ultimately, we live in a world that has long been geared up for meat eaters and to an extent, vegetarians. But […]
Two of Washington DC’s finest animal rights groups, Compassion Over Killing (COK) and international Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), have announced they have joined forces. The collaboration has been agreed in order to strengthen the groups’ combined message and speed up progress in the ongoing fight for animal welfare. COK began in 1995 as a […]
This year’s BAFTA ceremony will, for the most part, be going ahead as it has every year before. Everyone will be dressed to the nines, maybe some questionable designer gowns will make an appearance and there will be speeches, lots of speeches. However, one thing has changed, and it involves the food. This year, the […]
This month, a report was released that named Australia as the proud owner of the third fastest growing vegan market in the whole world. So, it is no surprise that the animals right campaign, Be Fair Be Vegan, has chosen Melbourne as the next on their list to host their advertisements. It looks set to […]
Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) are looking to get in on the current plant-based boom by introducing three dairy-free smoothies to Europe. The Latin American brand titled Adez, is fruity and soy-based and will be on the UK’s shelves this March. The product was first introduced in 2006 by Unilever. However, this turned out to be an […]
Following its recent investment into popular plant-based meat brand, Beyond Meat, Tyson Foods has now made a another investment into the clean meat brand, Memphis Meats. It seems even the largest meat producer in the United States is aware that the future is looking vegan. Memphis Meats is a brand for meat lovers who enjoy the […]