Carol Leifer is best known for her work in comedy on hit shows such as Seinfeld and Saturday Night Live. However, the star has another important passion besides making people laugh and that’s saving the animals. This holiday season, passionate vegan Carol has teamed up with People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to […]
Back in 2014, the first ever vegan fast food restaurant and drive thru opened its doors in San Antonio, Texas. Just four years later, Earth Burger is expanding into the biggest shopping mall in the United States of America, Minnesota’s Mall of America (MOA). The establishment prides itself on bringing ‘healthier options to your everyday […]
Ethical beauty brand Bloomtown officially has the answer to all your secret Santa woes! If you’re looking for a stocking filler or just a tree decoration with a little bit of a twist this festive season, Cornwall based Bloomtown is spoiling us with these new limited-edition, luxury, beauty baubles. Back in 2016, Preyanka and Medwin returned […]
2017 has seen the rise of many meat substitutes, proving that to have a vegan diet you don’t have to take all your inspiration from a guinea pig. Big lump of hay with a side of carrot and kale anyone? No disrespect to the latter, but we’ll decline the hay, thanks. Back in October, the […]
Former make-up artist to the stars, Carrie Jones, has opened a new vegan make up studio in Liverpool. Carrie, who is used to hanging out with the likes of pop royalty P!nk, DJ Calvin Harris and fashion forward Gok Wan, has now turned her skilled hand to cruelty-free cosmetics. Named Unpretty, Carrie said her new […]
Aside from the United States of America, every country in the world has recognised climate change and is currently working to fight against it under The Paris Agreement. In an attempt to pinpoint areas that could be improved, Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a report this week that recognises the impact of the […]
A seminar that focuses on the health benefits of plant-based foods in preventing some of the world’s most prevalent diseases is due to be held in Detroit, Michigan on December 7th. This comes after Dr Greger’s revelation that 8 out of the top 10 causes of death can be prevented through the adoption of a […]
The question ‘can we ever live on Mars?’ has been hanging over scientists since before we first landed on the moon, with the first mission launching in 1964. From David Bowie to Hollywood movies, Mars has been a hot topic across the globe. There are many questions that surround Martian travel, with one of the […]
A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has evaluated the current diseases and conditions most likely to end peoples lives in the US. The chief of the CDC’s Morality Statistics Branch, Bob Anderson, explained that such a report is necessary to “create a society where we live as long as we can, […]
We can’t ignore it anymore, as I’m sure you’ve been told by at least 3 people in your life right now ‘Christmas is just around the corner’. But to ease any present purchasing panic you’re already feeling as we turn the bend into December, good old Lush are here with no less than 100 vegan friendly […]
Entrepreneur Barrington Reeves started from the bottom now he’s here, opening a Drake-themed pop-up bar in Finnieston, Scotland. Everyone’s true dream realised. If you’re vegan, love Drake and happen to be in Scotland for their launch next weekend (official dates 30th November to 3rd December), then you’re in luck. The bar will be serving up […]
British Formula 1 champion, Lewis Hamilton, has accredited his vegan diet as the real driving force behind his success. Speaking to CNN he raved, ‘I do feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life, in my 32 years, physically’, he then goes on to add ‘I feel incredibly clean and healthy.’ This is not […]
In stark contrast to previous years, self-confessed meat-lover Tyler Perry and his family are going to be gathering around the Tofurky to give thanks this Thursday, at least that’s what the star told Rachel Ray on her show earlier this week. The multi-talented actor, director, and producer exclusively revealed that this year’s Thanksgiving is going […]
In recent months, India has been making important steps towards making the world a kinder place for animals. Earlier in November, we announced India’s ban on the use of circus animals after reports of alleged mistreatment and abuse surfaced. Back in August, news broke of a school in Chennai becoming completely vegan, with plant-based foods served […]
Following in the recent footsteps of New York City and India, Italy have made the move to close 100 circuses, saving 2000 animals in the process. Over 70% of Italian citizens were in support of the ban, with organisations Animal Defenders International (ADI) and Lega Anti Vivisezione (LAV) working solidly to persuade legislators to seal […]
Swedish based vegan company Oatly’s main aim is ‘to make it easy for people to turn what they eat and drink into personal moments of healthy joy without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process.’ And what better way is there to encourage people to help save the environment than by offering them a complimentary, […]
In the words of Ocean Hugger Foods, ‘Seafood is awesome, extinction is not.’ The company is on a voyage to create viable, nutritious and tasty alternatives to seafood with ACF Certified Master Chef, James Corwell, at the helm. The initiative began at a fish market in Tokyo where Corwell observed the huge amounts of tuna […]
Originally developed in the United Kingdom, Quorn has long been a firm favourite on the tables of vegetarians and vegans alike in many western countries. However, the leading meat-free company have been busy expanding their horizons and have now reached the dazzling shores of Singapore! In recent years, western diets have become more and more […]