Ema Globyte

5 of the Best Vegan Friendly Hotspots in Santiago de Chile

While it’s true that Argentineans and Chileans love their asado (traditional barbecue), vegan lifestyle is becoming more popular in South America. Unsurprisingly, one of the best South American cities for vegan cuisine is the capital of Chile, Santiago. There are plenty of cafes that only sell plant-based food, and lots more vegetarian places that offer vegan options. Here’s a list of some great vegan-friendly hotspots in Santiago de Chile. In the name of research, we have checked out some of these places more than once… and we have zero regrets! 5 of the Best Vegan Friendly Hotspots in Santiago...

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5 Books Which Will Inspire You to Live a More Conscious Life

Kat Von D, a well-known entrepreneur, TV personality and passionate animal rights activist, was once asked what inspired her to live a vegan lifestyle. “Veganism changed me”, Kat told Mercy for Animals. “It taught me to look past myself, to consider how my choices affect others – the animals, the people around me, and the planet we live on. To me, veganism is consciousness.” What is consciousness, then? While it may not be the easiest concept to grasp at first, let’s try and define it in simpler terms: consciousness is having a higher level of self-awareness and, as a...

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5 Vegan Friendly Cafes Not to Miss in London

With over 120,000 vegans in London, the food scene has been rushing to adapt with more and more plant based restaurants and cafes popping up in the city. So where can one find some tasty vegan food and drink in London? We went on a little mission and chose 5 of our favourite vegan cafes that we would love to go back to again. So read on and… maybe we’ll see you there! 5 Vegan Friendly Cafes Not to Miss in London   The Hornbeam Café | Walthamstow Our first stop is the not-for-profit Hornbeam café in Walthamstow. Cosy...

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