International supermarket chain Aldi is kind to your wallet, but with its increasing number of vegan products on offer, Aldi is also kind to the planet.
Sushi is rolling with the times as more vegan options than ever before are being served around the world. Despite being several hundred years old as a dish, sushi is still developing and diversifying. Once considered highly exotic (think Breakfast Club lunch scene) and the height of sophistication, sushi, in a variety of forms, is […]
Vegan mayonnaise, from brands such as JUST and Follow Your Heart, is taking over the condiment world, with more mayo products than ever going egg-free.
London is home to some of the best vegan dining hotspots and restaurants. Vegan food is aplenty; London might be worth including in your next travel plans.
Move over porridge, oat yogurt is now the grain of choice for plant-based breakfasts Vegan yogurt is a fantastically versatile foodstuff. Popular as a breakfast dish mixed with fruit and cereal, it stuff can also be enjoyed as a pudding, swirled over curries, made into tzatziki, or used in baking. Often used as a lower-fat […]
April is here and it is time to embrace the spring season in all its glory. The lushness of green grass accompanies longer days, warmer weather and the first glimpses of flip flops. It is also a season of abundance, with crops such as asparagus, fennel, and artichokes being at their most tender. For maximum […]
Vegan, cruelty-free cleaning products are making the planet a greener place for all its tenants. Vegan detergents, polishes, soaps, and degreasers are gradually gaining popularity as the go-to products for sprucing up the homestead. A 2018 report by Compare the Market revealed that the number of UK vegans had risen by 700 percent since 2016, […]
Updated October 5, 2019. California-based food tech company JUST has cracked the code for the vegan egg. Along with toast, coffee, and the occasional Alka-Seltzer, eggs are the most iconic of breakfast foods. Whether scrambled, fried or coddled, the humble egg is a morning meal staple for people all over the world. What Is the […]