Interactive vegan food directory Veggie Happy launched this month to help fans find vegan options at sports venues across North America. The Happy Cow for sports fans already lists 50+ venues, including every Major League Baseball stadium. In 2000, plant-based food advocate Johanna McCloy, Co-Founder of VeggieHappy, started a campaign to get veggie options into MLB stadiums. […]
The world’s most trafficked mammal, the pangolin, may finally have a safe place to call home. According to Associated Press, The Ichikowitz Family Foundation has acquired land near Johannesburg for the construction of a Pangalorium, a research and medical center for pangolins that would offer some respite for the hunted animals. Traffic, an organization that monitors […]
A 22-year-long women’s health study on almost 82,000 people in the US found that women who eat less red meat have a lower risk of developing endometriosis, reports the ABC News. Endometriosis occurs when cells in the lining of the womb are found elsewhere in the body, such as around the bowel, bladder, and ovaries. […]
“A fresh season of vegan and conscious living events” presented by Old Truman Brewery will take place in London throughout the month of August. The festival, V For, will bring a variety of vegan food, fashion, wellness, and fitness events to East London, kicking off on 2 August with a special edition of the hugely […]
This summer, not only is the Linda McCartney Food’s chilled range getting a fancy packaging overhaul, but some of the vegan products will see new product placement at UK supermarkets Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. The supermarket chains will be stocking up on four vegan products from the range this June: the Vegetarian Duck Meal Kit, Vegetarian Scampi, […]
Fast-food giant KFC no longer provides plastic cup lids and straws with drinks at its 84 Singapore outlets, the chain announced earlier this week. According to Channel News Asia, the company explained how the “No Straws Initiative” is estimated to see a reduction of 17.8 metric tons of single-use plastic annually. KFC Management Pte Ltd. […]
Mexican restaurant chain, Chilango, is encouraging consumers to “grab life by the greens” this summer with its new Powered By Plants menu. The award-winning chain’s new vegan menu includes fresh Mexican favorites including a sweet potato burrito, chili non-carne, sweet potato wedges with BBQ salsa, a vegan box of fresh vegetables and coriander-lime rice, and […]
West Coast chain supermarket, Vons, was named the most vegetarian and vegan-friendly grocery store in the US. InMarket conducted a survey, published by Business Insider, to pinpoint these veg-friendly stores. Runners-up included Publix in second place and Sprouts in third place. Whole Foods also made the top 5, while Trader Joes came just outside in sixth place. The survey, […]
The Japanese government has invested in Tokyo start-up Integriculture, a clean meat company aiming to solve sustainable food security and public health problems associated with modern factory farming practices. Clean meat relies on cellular agriculture — growing muscle tissue identical to animal tissues from stem cells, eliminating the need to breed, keep, and kill livestock. This […]
Rick Allen, the drummer for heavy metal band Def Leppard and a long time vegan, has announced the launch of his own line of luxury vegan handbags named BonSac. “In my world of rock and roll, with so many artists choosing compassion over conventional fashion, style with conscience is the future,” Allen said in a statement. […]