Black lives matter. In 2020, that should go without saying. We must refuse to accept the status quo. We must demand change, and we must fight until we get it. 
If everyone around the world lived the same lifestyle, how many Earths would it take to sustain us? In honor of Earth Month, we dive into this question and all aspects of our everyday consumption.
Netflix’s “Tiger King” will be remembered for getting many of us through a few hours of what seems like eternal quarantine. It hits all the points that make for good television: dynamic characters and fascinating plotlines that include murder, mystery, and, of course, tigers. Lots and lots of tigers. But what it offers in daytime-television-worthy […]
Actor Jack Black is off red meat. The “Jumanji” star says he has given up meat and switched to veggie burgers in order to “limit catastrophic climate change.” The actor and musician made the announcement in a video shared to Twitter Thursday, using the trending hashtag #myecoresolution. “#MyEcoResolution is to stop eating red meat! I’m […]

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