Milk is milk, whether it comes from cows or coconuts, says Stephen Fry. The Engish actor and comedian got into a Twitter battle over use of the term “milk” on plant-based dairy options. The thread started after the vegetarian posted a photo of a latte he made with oat milk. “Quite pleased with this one […]
These 11 hip hop icons are vegan. The hip hop genre has always addressed major political and social issues. So if there’s one music genre where veganism — a movement about animal rights, but one that also advocates for health and human rights too.– seems to have taken off more than any other, it’s hip-hop. From the Wu-tang Clan being 80% vegan to Mýa’s vegan diet and activism, hip hop is a platform that can influence social change.
Don’t think the vegan trend has hit the mainstream yet? It’s so popular even prisons are ditching animal products. This Christmas, ten of Scotland prisons will serve up vegan options to prisoners for Christmas Dinner and on New Year’s Day. The menu options, made available through the Daily Records FOI, show dairy-free yogurt and soy […]