Far be it from us to tell President Donald Trump what to eat. But the rumors that he recently indulged in shark fin soup while visiting Vietnam made us do a double-take. This food may once have been considered a delicacy amongst royalty. But today, it’s just indulgent cruelty. Here are five reasons President Trump […]
Two new studies point to the benefits of a plant-based diet on heart health. The first study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, found that regular consumption of nuts was associated with a decreased risk of heart disease. Study participants who consumed walnuts one or more times per week were 20 […]
New research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences modeled what a total shift to a vegan diet would do for U.S. food and greenhouse gas production. According to the research, removing all animal food from the supply chain would increase U.S. food production by 23 percent. Currently, the USDA estimates 12.6 […]
Comedy Central’s “South Park” took vegan mainstream last night when everyone’s favorite curmudgeon Eric Cartman went vegan for his girlfriend, Heidi. The episode, “Doubling Down,” was hailed by Forbes writer Dani Di Placido as “the most insightful episode in years,”  for many hilarious reasons, including Cartman’s failed attempt at genuine human (?) connection. He’s guided […]
It should take you exactly four seconds to jump out of your seat and head to New York City this Friday…but of course, “I’ll give you two.” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” fans, the wild ones, anyway, are likely already holding court outside the iconic NYC jeweler for a chance to have real breakfast at Tiffany’s, when […]
WWF France and the ECO2 Initiative say new research should convince French citizens to decrease their appetite for animal products. If they care about the planet, that is. The study looked at the weekly shopping habits of French families observing a more “flexitarian” style diet – two-thirds vegetable proteins instead of the typical two-thirds or […]
Trendy Downtown Los Angeles is about to get a vegan pub-goers dream: Beelman’s (formerly Beelman’s Pub) is re-opening on November 8th with a 100 percent plant-based menu and revamped bar program. The menu has been overhauled by Chef Caroline Concha, the former longtime chef at Burbank’s Tony’s Darts Away.  “Tony’s Darts Away is where it […]
In his recently publicized battle with testicular cancer, London Irish rugby star Darren Dawidiuk says his switch to a vegan diet is helping his recovery and he plans to get back in the game as soon as doctors give him the go ahead. “The doctors have already noticed the benefits of me being on a […]
For all of you still holding onto summer, the ever-popular low-cal ice cream brand, Halo Top, says it is permanently extending the season with the opening of its first-ever brick and mortar ice cream shop in Los Angeles next week. Break out the flip-flops (but maybe not the bikini?) and get in the queue on […]
Protein preferences are changing immensely around the world. Among U.S. shoppers, according to recent data reported by the Foodable Network, they’re drastically different than just a decade ago. While pork is now the preferred protein overall (and beef dropped to the number five spot behind chicken, seafood, and lamb), interest in plant-based protein shows significantly […]
After launching a comprehensive line of vegan cheese earlier this year, the UK’s Tesco has expanded the flavor selections to its “FreeFrom” label, to include a Spreadable Goats Cheese Alternative and a Rainbow Peppercorn Cheddar Alternative. The line expansion is indicative of the chain’s success in venturing into the nondairy cheese sector, and shows promise […]
Clear and consistent labeling for vegetarian and vegan food in the EU is underway. The European Commission says it has approved the move to develop labeling guidelines and will begin designing the labeling rules in 2019. The decision received praise from the European Vegetarian Union (EVU), which said the label requirements will “improve the positions […]
Domino’s Australia announced on its Facebook page this morning that customers interested in vegan cheese could sign up to register their support for the option and then be among the first to know if the chain does indeed launch a nondairy cheese option. The comments blew up from vegans and nonvegans: Others weren’t so convinced […]
On November 10th and 11th, Morrissey fans in Los Angeles are in for double the treat. Those attending the Hollywood Bowl concerts will not only find themselves hypnotized by Morrissey’s unmistakable crooning – they’ll also be dining exclusively on vegetarian fare while they take in the sounds, both old and new (his new album drops […]
Sir Paul McCartney is hero to many – but the former Beatle is often known these days not just as a rock ‘n’ roll icon, but the guy from Liverpool (with great hair) who once said that if slaughterhouses had glass walls we’d all be vegetarian. And if there’s anything that has a chance of […]
 “Should we all go vegan to save the environment?” That’s the question posed by Jimmy Pierson, the UK director of ProVeg International, an organization focused on the reduction of global animal consumption. In an op-ed for The Independent for World Vegan Day, Pierson looks ahead 40 years to 2057 and imagines a world most of […]
We’re calling it — 2017 is the year of vegan cheese. Between Miyoko’s omnipresence, to Domino’s launching vegan cheese pizzas in Israel, there wasn’t much more we thought could melt our hearts. But just on the heels of the announcement that New York City will host the first annual vegan cheesecake festival, we get this […]
Starring in the 10-episode Spike Lee directed forthcoming Netflix series based on his first major film, “She’s Gotta Have It,” is the stunning longtime vegan, DeWanda Wise (“Shots Fired”, “Underground”). Wise and her husband, the equally stunning actor Alano Miller, were seated next to LIVEKINDLY at the first all plant-based dinner hosted by the premier […]
Mesothelioma is an extremely rare type of cancer that results from exposure to asbestos. Just 14,000 people globally will be diagnosed with the disease this year, and it is often misdiagnosed by medical professionals and thus mistreated. The website Mesothelioma.net has helped more than 1,000 patients suffering from the rare cancer since it launched more […]
New Yorkers are about to get a visit from the cheesecake gods. Vegan cheesecake, that is. On November 6th, The first ever vegan cheesecake completion, the Great Cheesecake Throwdown, will take place at St. Mark’s V Spot Organic, from 7-9 p.m. Vegan cheesecakes from throughout the tristate area will be on site for the tasting, […]