Fast casual restaurant chain Veggie Grill, best known for its burgers, salads, and those delish bowls, says it’s making it easier than ever to go plant-based this Thanksgiving with the launch of its first complete pre-cooked VG Thanksgiving Feast. The limited-edition holiday menu comes stacked with enough food to feed 4-5 hungry adults (or just […]
You don’t have to be a Costanza to find “serenity now,” Seinfeld fans. Giddyup and get yourselves to Glasgow for the November opening of Serenity Now, the Seinfeld-inspired and totally vegan café. What’s the deal with that, you ask? For fans of the show, which ran from 1989-1998, you’ll of course remember the famous episode […]
The UK’s Waitrose supermarket chain says plant-based foods are in such high demand that it’s increasing its store space for vegetarian and vegan options by 35 percent. The expansion includes a partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher, a Dutch company that makes meat products out of plants. “There’s little doubt that plant protein will play an […]
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gave the city all the feels this week when he addressed the news that 15 schools in Brooklyn were adopting the Meatless Monday campaign. Praising Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams for his example and commitment to a plant-based diet, de Blasio said that “Cutting back a little on […]
What in the world are you supposed to feed your baby? Of course, the easy answer is breast milk. It’s best for baby – not only is it the perfect food, but it helps to populate a healthy microbiome, promotes mother-child bonding, boosts baby’s IQ, and provides comfort to babies navigating this new world. Most […]
Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton says his secret to winning three major F1 titles, and being on the brink of the fourth, is his switch to a plant-based vegan diet. “I feel the best I’ve ever felt physically and mentally,” Hamilton, 32, told City A.M., after recently winning the U.S. Grand Prix, putting him […]
Vegan takeout orders increased 19 percent so far in 2017, says GrubHub, the nation’s leading takeout service platform. The data show that interest in plant-based and vegan foods are at an all-time high. The Meatless Monday campaign in particular, which encourages people to go meat-free on Mondays for their health and for the planet, is indeed […]
If you’ve never made nut milk from scratch at home, you’re missing out on two things: First, the deliciousness of a homemade nondairy milk is not to be understated. It’s just off the charts yummy and you can tweak it to your freaky flavor preferences as much as you want. That is, unless, the second […]
While the nondairy milk sector is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds faster than conventional milk sales, which have been on the steady decline in recent decades, there’s another category in your supermarket cooler section to keep an eye on: nondairy yogurt. Just a few years back finding vegan yogurt took some effort, but […]
Actress, author, and activist Alicia Silverstone is turning heads in Oregon this week. The “Clueless” star is featured naked on a giant PETA billboard in Portland in an effort to bring awareness to the egregious practices of the commercial wool industry. The star and billboard say she’d rather go naked than wear wool. “It’s just […]
Chicago-based Upton’s Naturals has been busy redefining plant-based comfort food for the last decade. And the self-funded team is showing no sign of slowing down as demonstrated by the company’s launch of 14 new vegan meat alternatives and meal solutions this year. “We’re taking meat alternatives that have been around for thousands of years and updating […]
Can’t seem to get enough avocado or chocolate in your life? Then the UK-based chocolate company Love Cocoa may be your dream come true. The chocolatier has recently launched a vegan chocolate bar featuring avocado. Love Cocoa is the brainchild of James Cadbury – yes, that Cadbury family (he’s the great-great-great grandson of Cadbury’s founder) – […]
Risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease in young people ages 18-45 have increased significantly in the last two decades, despite a decline among older populations during the same time period, says a new study published in the journal Nature Reviews Cardiology. These younger generations have consistently engaged in less physical activity, and have higher rates […]
Impossible Foods is continuing its disruption of the animal agriculture industry by adding a former Google HR Director, Marcella Butler, to its team. Butler, recently led the HR department for Opower, now part of Oracle, and ran Google’s HR department from 2007 to 2012. In her new role, Butler will serve as Chief People Officer […]
Vegan website and event producer Ecorazzi is reporting that its third season of the Vegan Food & Drink Festival brought in more than 35,000 attendees at three events this year. The season kicked off with a bang at Chicago’s Grant Park in June. “The hot summer day welcomed thirst quenching drinks, our first oversees vendor, […]
Need proof that the plant-based diet is here to stay? Crunch on this: beans are the hottest snack trend. Yes, beans. HIPPEAS, the certified organic plant-based brand of extruded puffed chickpeas first drew attention when Academy-award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio invested in the business, and now, the company has announced a $10 million round of funding […]
Plant-based foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids, like soybeans, walnuts, and avocados, may help to prevent the risk of developing type-2 diabetes, finds new research published in the recent issue of the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology Journal. The researchers looked at data from 20 international studies in ten countries. The studies were conducted on the […]
Veerah, the leading luxury vegan shoe brand has just launched a new line of heels that bring new meaning to walking the plant-based talk. These vegan shoes are made from apple peels. Talk about eliminating food waste. According to the company, a mission-driven business founded for women to make a positive impact in impeccable style, […]
Umami Burger upped its already cool status to ‘impossibly’ cool earlier this year when it announced a partnership with Impossible Foods, the cool, innovative Bay Area startup which makes meat-like burgers entirely from plants. Now, both are getting another tick in the impossibly awesome category as actor and musician (and son of Will and Jada […]