According to Ethan Brown, the founder of Beyond Meat, 93 percent of people purchasing the Beyond Burger are not vegan or vegetarian. In a recent interview with CNBC, Brown revealed that most of the customers purchasing the brand’s plant-based patty – which looks, cooks, and tastes like beef – are actually meat-eaters. People are even […]
Can vegan blood do a better job of beating cancer than the blood of someone who follows a Standard American Diet? A 2005 study that looked at the effects of lifestyle change in place of traditional medical therapies, showed that the growth of cancer cells slowed more effectively for those following a vegan diet. The […]
A new vegan app has launched, which allows consumers to save the planet one bite at a time. vanilla bean is a huge database of 23,000 vegan-friendly restaurants from across the world. According to the creators of the app it’s the biggest database of its kind covering US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. […]
Due for release on January 31st, Essence: The Beginner’s Guide to Veganism will give readers the tools they need to transition to a vegan lifestyle. Written by London-based chef Edward Daniel, the man behind ethivegan, the book is so much more than a cookbook. Although Daniel has included ‘nutritious and mouthwatering recipes’ in his work, […]
According to a recent report by FoodBev, plant-based acquisitions more than quadrupled in 2017, in comparison to the previous year. In 2016 there were just 4 global plant-based acquisitions whereas in 2017 there was a massive 17, putting it in joint 15th with confectionary in the top sectors for 2017. 2017 was a big year […]
Cargill, a food corporation responsible for providing more than a fifth of the US’s beef, has invested in plant based company PURIS. The joint venture agreement between the two companies will allow PURIS to significantly increase its production of pea protein, which is expected to be a popular ingredient in the food manufacturing industry in […]
YouTube star Cammie Scott has teamed up with peta2 to let everyone know how easy it is to come out vegan to the people in your life. Cammie, who came to fame by appearing on the youtube channel, nowthisisliving started by former girlfriend Shannon Beveridge, goes through a series of scenarios in which you might […]
‘We are 100% staying vegan for as long as this pub is standing,’ says Pyror the general manager of the newly vegan London pub The Blacksmith & Toffeemaker. On 5th January, the pub ditched all animal products and turned into a completely vegan establishment, turning the menu on its head with vegan ‘halloumi’, kimchi burgers, […]
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has joined forces with the Peas Please initiative to get the UK excited about eating veg. Today, a giant carrot ad will be displayed on the Edinburgh City Chambers in an attempt to kickstart the Veg Ad Fund. This is just one of 50,000 locations expected to carry the ad. Fearnley-Whittingstall, who recently […]
‘Inside every body, there is a person.’ These are the final words of one of PETA’s latest ads featuring Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA. In a PSA, encouraging people to see animals and humans equally and to treat them the same, RZA transforms into different people and animals whilst also narrating a powerful message through the minute-long […]
The first book ever to be bound in leather that was produced without the use of an animal is currently being auctioned off. A special edition of Clean Meat, a book which was released to the general public on January 2nd 2018, is currently under auction on eBay. The proceeds will go towards the Good […]
On 21st January, a new initiative will sweep through India, with it’s first ever ‘outreach day’, encouraging Indians to go vegan. Vegan Indian Movement will involve monthly events on 21st of each month, there will be an outreach day and on 28th of each month, each participating city will have a vegan potluck. So far […]
Famous ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has announced the release of two new non-dairy flavors to its current lineup. The addition of these new products makes the current vegan offering in the US a total of nine flavors. All flavors are made with almond milk and are certified vegan. The latest flavors are vegan […]
The UK’s third-largest supermarket chain, ASDA, has recently released a range of on-the-go vegan products that you can grab for lunch without breaking the bank. The range, which includes a wrap, a sandwich, and a salad, is all priced at £2.50 and is packed full of flavour. You can now grab an onion bhaji wrap, a […]
Whilst announcing plans for expansion, Greggs CEO has suggested that the popular UK chain will soon offer vegan options. Currently there is a petition running to get Greggs to add vegan sausage rolls to the menu, however, CEO, Roger Whiteside, claims that it’s too difficult creating a veggie sausage roll that tastes great. Instead, Greggs […]
According to a recent report, the dairy alternatives market is set to exceed 34 Billion USD in value by 2024. The report notes that many people are choosing to drink vegan milks because of a ‘consumer focus on the healthy diet and nutritional values offered by the non-dairy product such as low calories and high […]
Vegan company Alpro has announced that it will be launching its very first range of chilled coffees into UK supermarkets this month. Alpro, which is a popular brand known for its plant based milks and yoghurts, will release two flavours of coffee on 21st January: Coffee and Soya Caramel, and Coffee and Hazelnut under the […]
Judd Legum, founding editor-in-chief of political website ThinkProgress, has announced that he is trying to go vegan. In a tweet, the editor claimed that he was going to try vegan for a week and asked if anyone had any advice for him to help him transition. Legum joins many other people trying veganism this January […]
Harvey Nichols, a department store chain that dates back nearly 200 years, is set to host a completely vegan event this month that will well and truly bring the store into the 21st Century. On 23rd January, vegan chef Gaz Oakley will be serving up a five-course meal at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge, the chain’s […]
Back in October, restaurant chain Bareburger announced that it was going to be opening an all-vegan restaurant and now they have named the head chef. Rudy Ramos, otherwise known as Chef Vegicano, will be the chef at Bareburger’s new veggie joint. Ramos has been vegan for 14 years, and his culinary skills are all self-taught. […]
East end pub, The Spread Eagle, opened today. Just like any other local, it offers a range of alcohol, and proper pub grub, the only difference is it’s all vegan. Owned by Meriel Armitage and Luke McLaughlin, the pub will 100% vegan, from the alcohol to the food to the seats you sit on. Armitage […]

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