Witty, confident and only 10 years old. Last month Genesis Butler took to the stage at California State University as part of a Tedx event to tell people why she’s vegan and why they should be too. She began her journey to veganism just aged three, when her inquisitive nature led to a conversation about […]
The vegan snack brand Hippeas, so named because of their use of chickpeas, has recently received an investment for a minority stake from Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor, famous for failing to win an oscar until 2016, has long been suspected a vegan, but, due to his private nature, has yet to confirm this. However, for […]
FAIRR, an initiative founded by British Philanthropist Jeremy Coller, is pushing large businesses to move towards plant based alternatives to meat and dairy. The group has been created amid fears that by 2050 we will have problems feeding the western world should we continue to invest in meat-heavy lifestyles. The group’s seventy-one members have a […]
Earlier this year Kristie Middleton released MeatLess, a book written to encourage people to cut down on their meat consumption. The book provides tips, tricks and recipes for anyone looking to reduce their intake of animal products without having to cut them out entirely. Online, many readers have hailed the book a great success. Even […]
Business owners Cristiano and Andrea decided to take the leap and make their pizza restaurant, PickyWops, entirely vegan. Already vegetarians at the business’ inception, the pair had previously offered 12 vegan options on their menu but having both committed to a vegan lifestyle outside of work they felt it was time that their business reflected […]
Veganism and the public’s investment in vegan products are on the rise, but the portion of the world population following a vegan diet remains modest. Despite its small following, however, there are a vast array of differing opinions within the community as to how to ‘be vegan’ and the best way for vegans to conduct themselves. Whether […]
On Thursday, as I stood waiting to take payment for coffee and cake at the all-vegan bakery I work at, a customer remarked to me despondently “Everything’s vegan except the five pound note.” A sentence that says a lot about how our world is changing while those at the top have yet to catch up. […]
On 12th April, pro-vegan organization The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) filed a lawsuit against two school districts in Southern California (Los Angeles and Poway) in an attempt to remove processed meats from the schools’ menus. PCRM, with the support of a Californian teacher and two other individuals, claim that serving processed meats in […]