Information surrounding the environmental impact of a plant based diet in comparison to a traditional western diet is just about everywhere. In November of last year, 15,000 scientists from all over the world agreed that a vegan planet will help save our dying planet, and a recent calculation estimated that 10,000 people going vegan for […]
A recent debate at the Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) addressed the question of whether meat eating would be a thing of the past in 2100, or whether it will always be something certain members of society participate in. As part of the debate, the conference heard from vegans and farmers to get their perspective on […]
Greg is the star of Silk’s new ad campaign, which also features retired professional swimmer Michael Phelps. As part of Silk’s campaign which celebrates progress as perfection, Olympic champion Michael Phelps appears, joining Greg in the pool by showing off and distracting from Greg’s morning laps. Silk is trying to put the message out there […]
In an exciting new development, famous shoe brand Dr. Martens have released a vegan version of the classic backpack! Usually made of leather, the backpack comes in Cherry Red, similar to the well known Oxblood colour of their classic shoes. The beautiful, satchel style backpack comes in a vegan material that Dr. Marten’s assures customers […]
Social justice activist, and journalist, Shaun King, has made the switch to a vegan diet according to his Facebook page. King, who is the Senior Justice Writer for the New York Daily News, informed his huge following of 1.7 million people on 5th January that it was his fourth day being vegan. He followed this […]
Vegetarian brand Quorn has announced an exciting new addition to their refrigerated items this January: vegan ham-style slices. So far, Quorn’s vegan range has been predominantly in the frozen section, with just the five grain fillets being available refrigerated. Many are hoping that quoin continues to expand its range, as currently the vegetarian options the […]
According to a PETA Latino report, the mayor of Zula in Venezuela has banned bullfighting in his city so that the bullring is a ‘place for everybody.’ Mayor Willy Casanova claims that ‘the bullring is a space that was used for the death [and] the anti-values…We come from living moments of hatred and we do […]
We are living in an age where an individual’s media consumption is higher than it has ever been. The availability of information at our fingertips has seen a great many changes in the world in recent decades, but how has this impacted the rise of veganism? It might not always seem like it, as you’re […]
ASDA is the latest UK supermarket to bring out its very own vegan and gluten free cheese! According to a twitter user, you can now buy a free from mature cheddar alternative from stores. It’s unclear wether there will be other options in the range, however if they are looking to compete with the likes […]
Starting today, 1,300 people have pledged to take on a very healthy challenge promising to eat a whole foods, plant based diet for the next ten days. Dough Schmidt is the man behind the initiative, which has been running for several years. A school teacher, Schmidt had a heart attack when he was just 49 years old, […]
London-based vegan burger company The Vurger Co has teamed up with Tom’s Kitchen, a popular chain of restaurants owned by esteemed chef Tom Aikens, to offer a special vegan menu item this January. Thanks to The Vurger Co, Tom’s Kitchen will play host to an amazing vegan burger this month. According to Caterlyst the Vurger […]
Kicking off the year with a healthy start, luxury supermarket Waitrose has announced some new products making their way onto shelves, and they are completely vegan. In the on-the-go options, Waitrose has included two new vegan sandwiches: Vegan Mean Greens, and Sweet Potato and Chipotle. The supermarket is also beginning to offer Mushroom and Miso […]
A favourite among the hungover and early morning Saturday shoppers alike, Greggs is a beacon of hope for hungry bellies across the UK. For vegans, however, instead of being met with hot, flaky pastry, only disappointment awaits them through the doors to Greggs. PETA is asking for the eatery to change this, by petitioning for […]
This January, vegan chef Derek Sarno is launching an exciting new brand. Exclusive to Tesco who is ‘leading the plant based movement as far as retailers go‘, the Wicked Kitchen range will include 20 exciting new products that are all completely vegan. Sarno has previously worked as the senior global chef at Whole Foods Market […]
Britain’s Got Talent judge and ‘vegetarian’ Alesha Dixon has made a bold statement, claiming that if she ran the country she would make killing animals for meat completely illegal. The former Mis-Teeq member, claims that although health drives her dietary choices, she also loves animals. Her mother is vegan, although Alesha still eats dairy products […]
DeWanda Wise is the latest actress to be announced as a member of the upcoming Marvel film Captain Marvel. Vegan star Wise will join fellow veggie Brie Larson on the set of the film that is due to be released in 2019. It’s rumoured that Wise will play the role of Monica Rambeau, the original […]
A pro-animal-agriculture publication, That’s Farming, has published an article questioning a pro-vegan group’s right to advertise outside a farmer’s market in County Longford, Ireland. In order to gauge public opinion, the article was followed by a poll which showed some surprising results. The advert was produced by Go Vegan World, a pro-vegan group that won […]
A new think tank, launched June 2017, is looking to find answers that will allow the world to transition to a factory farming free future. Sentience Institute is hoping to expand ‘humanity’s moral circle.’ For now, this means that they will change the way we consider non-humans sentient beings and the way that we treat […]
Feminist adult filmmaker, Erika Lust, has taken to Instagram to announce her decision to go vegan this 2018. Lust, who directors pornographic films for people ‘who don’t think that sex always has to be presented as cheap, tasteless and vulgar,’ believes that this new lifestyle change is in line with her morals, as well as […]
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews, has announced that it will be introducing a brand new burger, and there’s a vegan option. While the burger is only vegetarian, Red Robin’s new Gourmet Veggie Burger can be requested to be made vegan. The patty itself is made up of ancient grain and quinoa and is served […]