High street veggie-heaven Pret has announced three new vegan dishes that will be added to the menu as of January 4th. Pret had a very successful 2017 with meat-free options, the chain was able to open its third fully vegetarian location in London, and even reported that the eight top-selling products were all vegan. One […]
Discount supermarket chain Aldi is making an exciting new addition to their vegan-friendly range: vegan protein. As can be expected from Aldi, the protein powders will come in at a much cheaper price than other vegan protein options. Aldi will sell the protein powder in 100g bags for just £2.49. Although many people can get […]
Italian supermarket range, Sacla, has announced that it will be adding to its free from range by introducing vegan mayonnaise. The brand’s free from is already popular among vegans as it includes vegan and gluten-free pesto. The managing director of Sacla UK, Clare Blampied hopes that the mayo will become a ‘store cupboard staple’ in […]
Described as a food desert, the town of Watervliet in Michigan is now home to a business that could change local eating habits dramatically. A resident of the town for only two years, Josh Musinki felt like there was something missing, and that it was impossible to get the vegan food he needs to sustain […]
Media outlet, Quartz, has named a prominent vegan brand in its ‘most underrated scientific breakthroughs of 2017’. Beyond Meat, creator of the vegan ‘bleeding’ burger which tastes, looks and feels just like a beef patty featured on the list, due to its accomplishments in mainstream stores. Chase Purdy comments that this year the brand ‘made […]
2017, what a year it has been – especially for veganism. As we head into the new year, it’s a good time to reflect on what’s happened in the past 365 days, and get excited for what’s to come in 2018. To help you celebrate a very vegan 2017, here are 11 vegan statistics that […]
Just in time for a back to work meal deal, popular UK cosmetics chain, Boots, has launched a new vegan range. According to an observant facebook user, the range is currently in store and all options are available as part of the £3.29 meal deal which also buys you a drink and a snack. The […]
UK supermarket, Sainsbury’s, has announced the addition of an exciting new plant based range set to hit stores on January 1st. The supermarket will be launching seven new products, some of which are vegan and all of which are meat-free. Designed for those looking to reduce their meat intake, and introduce healthier options at mealtimes, […]
Earlier this year, esteemed medical practitioner, Dr. Michael Greger, claimed that switching to a plant based diet was the equivalent of quitting smoking. So, if going vegan can do so much good for your body, does that mean eating meat and smoking can do equal amounts of damage? The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) […]
It has been revealed that Prince Harry will not be taking part in the traditional boxing day hunt this year, according to ‘a royal insider’. The prince who recently got engaged to Meghan Markle will be abstaining from the hunt because his new fiancee is a keen animal rights activist. Markle doesn’t approve of hunting […]
According to a ‘senior Whitehall source’, Theresa May will announce her decision to repeal a manifesto pledge to bring back fox hunting. The Times has reported that the prime minister will ‘make it clear in an intervention early in the new year that this is no longer a Conservative party policy’ to support fox hunting. […]
Using innovative techniques, a California-based company has found a way to create vegan milk protein without the use of cows. Perfect Day is a company built on a love of cheese with the aim of an animal product free world. The company was founded by Ryan Pandaya and Perumal Gandhi. ‘We thought: Why give up […]
A recent report from Fat Gay Vegan (FGV) has announced that an Italian restaurant chain in the UK is transforming one of its outlets into a fully vegan eatery. According to FGV, Arancini Brothers will re-open the eatery as 100% vegan in January 2018. This is ‘the first non-vegan chain restaurant on the planet to commit […]
Fashion designer, Tom Ford, has announced in a recent interview with Vogue that he has made the decision to go vegan, Vegan Food and Living has been told. According to Ford, the decision came after watching the Netflix documentary, What the Health, a film that has inspired many celebrities to ditch the meat and dairy […]
Following her award from peta2, Miley Cyrus has taken to Instagram with her heartfelt post expressing her love for the good work that’s being done by the vegan movement. Using a picture of her and one of her pig companions, the star thanked PETA for the award and continued by saying ‘Living a completely vegan […]
peta2 has announced the winners of the Libby awards for this year, and it features a few famous faces including Miley Cyrus and her younger sister, Noah. The Libby awards recognise the hard work put in my a number of animal rights activists and brands throughout the year, celebrating achievements such as Brightest Star for […]
A petition intended to convince the ‘big six’ supermarkets to introduce a wide range of vegan options to their meal deals has been publicly backed by a UK MP. Labour MP, Matt Rodda, is currently the representative for Reading East. According to Reading Chronicle, Rodda said: ‘I think it is important that people have a […]
Vegan meat company, Beyond Meat, made a huge announcement today. They introduced the ‘Beyond Sausage.’ The Beyond Sausage comes after the brilliant success of the Beyond Burger which ‘bleeds’ just like animal based beef. Designed to replicate a pork sausage, the product’s nutritional profile is more impressive than it’s animal-derived counterpart. With properties such as […]
A new Netflix series exploring the corruption and concerning practices of the food industry is set to air in early 2018. Rotten will be available on the streaming site as of January 5th next year and will take the form of a six-part series. The trailer appears to focus heavily on animal agriculture and the […]