Top chefs from universities around the country received hands-on training in plant-based cooking at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), according to Chefs from UNLV, California State University Fullerton, Western Washington University, Boise State, University of Minnesota, and South Dakota State University, gathered in an on-campus kitchen in order to learn how to incorporate […]
Finnish food company Gold & Green is looking to make an impact in the plant-based meat industry with a newcomer to the vegan meat game, a product called Pulled Oats. Made from locally-grown oats (more specifically, a blend of oat bran, whole grain oat flour, and oat protein), pea protein, faba bean protein, oil, and salt, Gold […]
Megan Martinez, the 28-year-old creator of cruelty-free beauty brand Chaos Makeup, recently shared her story with Allure of how she went from homeless to becoming the brains behind a viral beauty brand. Homeless at age 14, Martinez worked at a local Whataburger, took various odd jobs, and worked as a freelance makeup artist in order […]
In an effort to reduce food waste and promote vegan food, one club at the University of Ottawa regularly prepares plant-based meals for students made with food that would have otherwise been thrown away. According to the website, The People’s Republic of Delicious (PRD) is a collective run by student volunteers that aims to “offer […]
Dao Foods International, Inc., a new food firm based in Canada, is working to market both plant-based protein and clean meat, also known as lab-grown meat, to the Chinese market. According to the official website, the firm is a collaborative effort between the Sino-U.S. group of environmental and societal impact-oriented ventures, Dao Ventures, Moonspire Societal […]
New research suggests that there is a connection between eating grilled fish, chicken, or beef well-done and an increased risk of high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. Reported by Reuters Health, the study was conducted by a team of researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston. “Although some studies […]
The Massachusetts School of Law (MSLAW) 12th Annual Animal Rights Day is set to take place on Saturday, March 31st, giving the public a full day of animal-related activities, presentations, and demonstrations. The free public event will kick off in the morning with welcoming remarks from Dean Michael L. Coyne. Events for the day include panels related […]
Professional footballer Hector Bellerin, who plays right-back for English club Arsenal and the Spanish national team, recently revealed that he switched to a plant-based diet more than six months ago. In a video for Players Tribune, the football star spoke about what motivated him to change his diet: “At the beginning, I wanted to try for […]
Since going vegan late last year, Joe Principe, bassist for Chicago-based melodic hardcore band, Rise Against, has seen a number of health improvements. In an interview with VegNews, Principe revealed that since going vegan, his sinus issues have decreased. “Also, I have more energy in general.” He continued, “More energy means more physical activity, leading to […]
According to the Santa Barbara Independent, 50 percent of the cafeteria meals served in the Santa Barbara Unified School District are vegan. Last year on Earth Day, the district partnered with family-owned plant-based meat company Hungry Planet to serve vegan meatball subs, chicken chile verde burritos, and double cheeseburgers from the company’s food truck. All options sold out […]
The UK-based catering company Anglia Crown will be the first to offer a range of plant-based dishes in hospitals that bear the official trademark of The Vegan Society. The steps Anglia Crown has taken to have meals registered is part of The Vegan Society’s new Catering For Everyone campaign, which launched last week. The campaign aims to ensure that […]
Concerned with the health of students, several New York City lawmakers want to ban all processed meats from public schools. City Council members introduced a new resolution called “Ban the Baloney” at the request of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who went vegan after struggling with chronic health problems. “We cannot continue feeding our children substances […]
Four-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton has taken to his Instagram story, rallying fans to “go plant-based” by sharing a video from international animal rights non-profit Mercy For Animals. In his story, the athlete posted a video containing slaughterhouse footage with the caption “if you can’t bear this with your eyes, don’t put them  in your mouth.”  […]
Vegan makeup artist Kat Von D is set to launch a special 10th Anniversary Collection through her brand, Kat Von D Beauty. The tattoo artist turned entrepreneur teased the upcoming launch via Instagram, declaring “Now that I have final components done for the Kat Von D Beauty 10-year-anniversary collection, I’m even MORE EXCITED!!” The artist then […]
Liz Dee, co-president of the family-owned vegan candy company Smarties, has just launched Vegan Ladyboss, an all-vegan club for women. The announcement came from Dee’s official Instagram account earlier this week. “I am ✨DELIGHTED✨ to announce that the @VeganLadyboss website is up!,” Dee wrote. “Never would I have imagined that we would grow so quickly […]
Just in time for warmer weather, UK-based supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has launched its own range of vegan ice cream in three flavors. The new line, called Deliciously Free From, is made from a coconut oil base and comes in three flavors: Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla. This is not the first time Sainsbury’s has responded to the […]
Plant-based athlete Lewis Hamilton is on the lookout for a vegan chef to work for him. The four-time Formula One race car driver took to his Instagram story yesterday, calling upon his followers for suggestions. “I’m looking for a vegan chef to come work for me,” Hamilton wrote. “If you are one or know of […]