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BBC’s Blue Planet 2 Illustrates The Desperate Need to Rethink Our Eating Habits

13 million people tuned into the BBC’s groundbreaking new documentary series Blue Planet 2. Narrated by David Attenborough and taking 4 years to film and produce, the series gave a unique insight into underwater ecosystems. Viewers learned about fish that use tools, fish that jump out of the ocean to eat flying birds and vibrantly colored anemone at the bottom of the Atlantic seafloor. The BBC’s colossal commitment to the show means that this documentary is more than just entertainment. For viewers and scientists alike, the footage is not only educational but also revolutionary. The documentary showed us the...

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5 Easy Ways to Help Stop Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has been labelled the most ‘grotesque’ problem facing our world at the moment. With experts estimating that by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight, it doesn’t look like this environmental disaster is going away. But what is it? It is, specifically, the accumulation of plastic products in areas that adversely affect wildlife and their habitats. On Henderson Island, for example, a tiny uninhabited place in the South Pacific, 18 tonnes of plastic have been discovered on beaches meaning that 99.8% of pollution on the island is caused by plastic. This extreme case serves...

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New Vegan | How Difficult is it to Transition?

Two months ago I made the decision to stop consuming animal products. I wrote an article about the initial transition, which can be found here. Since then I have learned a lot more about how to live sustainably and ethically; I have experimented with all sorts of foods (some more successfully than others!); and I have been involved in interesting and developmental conversations about health and nutrition. A LIGHTER CONSCIENCE Almost without realizing, I had become conscious of the ethical and environmental impact of animal products several months (perhaps longer) before I took the step to veganism. When I...

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Vegan Football Club Promoted After Meteoric Rise

Forest Green Rovers, a small, entirely vegan football club based in a village in the Cotswolds (UK), have won an historic game at Wembley Arena to secure League 2 football for next season. The club beat Tranmere Rovers 3-1 last weekend to secure their future despite playing most of their games in a tiny stadium with a 5,140 people capacity (just shy of the entire population of Nailworth – the nearest town). The team is funded by Dale Vince, a self confessed eco warrior and multi millionaire founder of Ecotricity. When Mr Vince invested in the club 7 years...

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What I Learned During My First Week of Veganism

As a long time vegetarian, I have always considered a plant-based diet to be healthy, delicious and affordable. I had no interest in taking the step to veganism until I started to educate myself a bit more about the dairy industry and the measures we take to consume it in the modern world. It appalled me and further research showed me that this wasn’t the only issue with dairy – actually, it is detrimental to our health, as well. I decided to take action by going vegan for one week, just to see if I could. What I Learned During...

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