Exciting news for anti-plastic environmentalists, our oceans and marine life: an Indonesian based start-up ‘Avani’ is on a mission to rid the world of plastic bags, and has developed a 100% biodegradable and edible replacement. This new miracle bag will dissolve when placed in warm water, providing an excellent solution for our plastic-ridden ocean. More than […]
So we did it – we bit the bullet (maybe a more peaceful metaphor would be appropriate) and became the vegan activists we never knew we could be. Vegan activism has a reputation for being extreme – people have been branded like cattle; protested naked, chained up and covered in fake blood. Unsurprisingly therefore, we […]
“Vegan? But you’re a student! I didn’t think student loans covered the cost of all that vegan food.”   Let us stop you there, inquisitive friend. What do you really mean by ‘vegan food’? If you’re referring to the chia seeds, spirulina and Booja Booja Organic Chocolate, well then fair enough. But those foods are […]