Who is Moby? The best-selling musician is also a vegan animal rights activist, author, and restaurateur. Find why this celebrity is all in for the animals.
Updated October 21, 2019. | The “Breaking Bad Experience” pop-up restaurant is coming to Los Angeles, California. The interactive dining experience is based on the AMC drama “Breaking Bad.” The menu features show-themed food and drink including several vegan options. The new “Breaking Bad” pop-up will be interactive and based around set re-creations from all […]
Chinese quick-service chain Manchu Wok has added a new plant-based ingredient to its menu. The company now serves vegan chicken at all Canadian branches. Manchu Wok customers can choose the type of sauce, veg, and protein — now including Sol Foods vegan chicken — to add to their stir-fry. Manchu Wok has 75 restaurants in […]
American musician Bruno Mars is headling the upcoming “Gorillapalooza” to help fund gorilla conservation efforts. The Ellen Fund — a conservation group led by animal advocates Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi — is hosting Gorillapalooza this weekend in Los Angeles. The Ellen Fund’s immediate goal is to secure a future for critically […]
Filmmaker Kevin Smith recently took WIRED’s Autocomplete Interview to answer the Internet’s most searched questions about himself. During the interview, he discussed how to be vegan when you hate vegetables. Smith is best known for writing, directing, and starring in the cult hit film “Clerks” (1994) as well as “Mallrats” (1995) and other related movies […]
BrewDog is opening its first vegan pub. The multinational brewery chain is turning its Dalston bar in London into a 100 percent plant-based establishment. The company is partnering with Biff’s Jack Shack — local vegan junk food specialists — to add new burgers, wings, and crispy fried jackfruit to the menu. Biff’s focus is on […]
Joaquin Phoenix attended “Joker” movie screenings in an A.L.F. sweatshirt. The award-winning vegan actor, producer, and activist is an outspoken and frequent critic of speciesism. Pheonix regularly uses his platform to promote animal rights and other causes. Phoenix wore an A.L.F. — Animal Liberation Front — sweater to various L.A. Cineplexes on the opening weekend […]