BrewDog is opening its first vegan pub. The multinational brewery chain is turning its Dalston bar in London into a 100 percent plant-based establishment. The company is partnering with Biff’s Jack Shack — local vegan junk food specialists — to add new burgers, wings, and crispy fried jackfruit to the menu. Biff’s focus is on […]
Joaquin Phoenix attended “Joker” movie screenings in an A.L.F. sweatshirt. The award-winning vegan actor, producer, and activist is an outspoken and frequent critic of speciesism. Pheonix regularly uses his platform to promote animal rights and other causes. Phoenix wore an A.L.F. — Animal Liberation Front — sweater to various L.A. Cineplexes on the opening weekend […]
Actor Carrie-Anne Moss, who will reprise her role as Trinity in the upcoming fourth “Matrix” film, is vegan. Moss regularly posts images on social media about the benefits of whole, raw, and plant-based foods for both physical and mental wellbeing. The 52-year-old star also practices yoga and meditation. Moss starred as Trinity, a programmer and […]
Don Lee Farms Better Than Beef vegan burgers have just launched at Costco. The American multinational warehouse chain Costco will sell Don Lee Farms’ Better Than Beef Burgers at stores including Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Californian food company Don Lee Farms specializes in plant-based patties that sizzle on the grill like raw […]
Updated October 7, 2019. | James Cameron’s documentary about the world’s top vegan athletes, “The Game Changers,” is coming to Netflix later this month. The new film “documents the explosive rise of plant-based eating in professional sports, mixing real-time, groundbreaking science with cinematic stories of struggle and triumph.” The documentary is directed by the award-winning […]
Plant-based food is more popular than ever, and faux-meat is one of the fastest-growing categories. Technological innovation has transformed the landscape of food production and vegan alternatives are revolutionizing the idea of meat. There is nothing “fake” about it; vegan protein is healthier, more sustainable, and more cost-effective. Meat alternatives — either plant-based or lab-grown […]