Will a vegan diet help you feel full? A plant-based diet that includes sufficient calories and a range of food groups will deliver more than enough protein and plentiful other vital (and non-vital) nutrients without much effort or any glorified, overpriced, specialty foods. While a plant-based diet is traditionally high in fiber (meaning food passes […]
Many celebrities are known to follow a plant-based diet to fuel their fast-paced lifestyles. Woody Harrelson, Paul McCartney, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Chastain – plus an increasing number of professional athletes. Bryan Adams is also part of this group; the Canadian musician has eaten solely plant-based foods since 1989. He told Kleinezeitung in 2017, “[a] vegan diet strengthens the […]
Fora Foods, the brand that creates vegan spread out of aquafaba — the brine left over from cooked or canned chickpeas — is launching its plant-based Faba Butter across the U.S. The chef-approved product, which is said to taste and function just like dairy-based butter, is set to launch first in Eataly stores across the […]
Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of Virgin, shared a viable solution to saving the planet and the lives of millions of animals in a blog post. In the blog post from last year, Branson wrote, “I believe we will look back and be shocked at what was the accepted way we killed animals en masse […]
Ribs are one of those dishes that no one expected could ever be truly veganized. The creative recipe masterminds have outdone themselves in a feat of sheer gloriousness. These 21 vegan ribs recipes are standing to shift the belief paradigm that negates how close plant-based meat can be to conventional meat in terms of texture, […]
Winter is often associated with comfort food and over-indulgence. If you’re not looking to derail your health goals during the cooler months, spicing up your weekly food routine with salads could do just the trick. Work these 21 vegan super salads into your diet this winter. 21 Vegan Salad Recipes to Boost Your Winter Wellness […]
Maple syrup. Do you love it or hate it? Do you drown your pancakes in it or use it as a vegan alternative to honey? There are many uses for maple syrup, from topping pancakes and waffles to substituting for granulated sugar in vegan baking. But it’s little known what a key player the sweet […]
Whatever you’re looking to do this month – perhaps celebrating Valentine’s Day, hosting cozy dinner parties with friends, or enjoying warm nights in – make February your month to master vegan cooking. From vegan sweet potatoes loaded with dairy-free cheese to dandelion salads, we’ve covered all the bases with these 28 recipes. 28 Vegan Recipes […]
Chicken Kiev is a hearty, comforting dish – perfect for garlic-lovers – that is enjoyed by many around the world. That is, except chickens. The traditional version of the meal relies largely on chicken meat and eggs, but alongside a rising interest in plant-based food, many people are trying more compassionate versions of the popular, […]
Valentine’s day is all about celebrating love, connection, positive emotions and creating happy memories. One way to validate the warm fuzzies and share a joyous experience is by sharing food. Sweets especially, considering the nature of the occasion. We’ve gussied up the conventional, ample-processed Valentine’s sweets by scouring the web for the 21 greatest vegan […]
Aside from football and a killer half time show, feasting on wings is one of the best things about the Super Bowl weekend. But wings don’t need to include chicken. Ingredients like seitan, cauliflower, or soy also create sticky, indulgent, spicy appetizers to please any crowd. If you’re having a Super Bowl party, these 29 […]
For many, Australia Day means cooking up a celebratory storm and serving up traditional lamb-based dishes. However, if you want the lamb taste without the actual animal, there are many cruelty-free, lamb-friendly recipes you could try. So, fire up the oven, put on an apron, and get creative in the kitchen with these seven tasty […]
Football, among other sporting entertainment, tends to have a snacking culture centered around meat and dairy. As of late, the times are changing and evolving and even beloved Super Bowl appetizers like Buffalo hot wings with blue cheese and ranch for dipping and mozzarella sticks can be made vegan. Here are 27 vegan party snacks […]

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