Labor Day became a national holiday in 1894 thanks to President Grover Cleveland. What was originally intended as a day to honor the labor movement, has quickly turned into a highly anticipated three-day weekend for Americans of all working classes. The long weekend is marked with cookouts, barbecue, beach trips, and grilling poolside. Whether you’re […]
Once you learn to ride a bike and the training wheels come off, it becomes second nature. Whether you’re pedaling down Pacific Coast Highway on a beach cruiser, battling cars on a road bike, or tearing down cliffsides on a mountain bike, the act of cycling feels so natural. Bicycles are engrained in most cultures, […]
The great fashionistas of the world have likely pondered how to maintain a vegan lifestyle, look stylish and cute, and keep the bank healthy. Simultaneously. Granted, it seems like an insurmountable challenge. However, it’s easy to do all three and more, when you are familiar with the how-to run-down. A key thing chic style aficionados […]
School lunch plays a critical roll in public education. Not only does it fuel one’s body and mind to excel academically, lunch is a social occasion. Students bond and barter over lunch, and what one eats often sparks conversations at the lunch table. Unfortunately for growing children’s health, most mainstream snacks and processed foods are […]
Summer’s not over yet! There are still a few more weeks to enjoy a bonfire by the beach, in the woods, or even in the backyard (the latter is far less crowded). Along with firewood, matches, and newspaper, be sure to bring along plenty of tin foil and wire hangers to roast some amazing vegan […]
Raise your hand if you have at least 20 minutes in the morning to make breakfast. Anyone? One person? Lucky you. For the rest of us dashing out the door with a coffee in one hand and a banana in the other, dedicating time to preparing a meal is out of the question. On most […]
Ceviche is a traditional South American seafood dish that has gained international popularity among chefs and diners of many nationalities. It’s made of raw fish cured by citrus (typically lime or lemon juice) and mixed with refreshing produce including tomato, avocado, onion, cilantro, and cucumber, then served chilled or at room temperature. Despite the fact […]
B-Tempted, an award-winning bakery in the UK, has launched a new range of vegan and gluten-free cupcakes and muffins, now available at select Whole Foods. The new offerings follow the brand’s successful appearance on the BBC television show “Dragons’ Den,” similar to the U.S. ABC program “Shark Tank.” Local media outlet Stroud News & Journal dubbed […]
Cultured meat dog food brand Wild Earth has secured a $450,000 investment from technology mogul, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist, Peter Thiel, reports Business Insider. The startup has also partnered with global pet health and nutrition leader Mars Petcare and the Michelson Found Animals Foundation to jumpstart the marketplace launch of its innovative pet food. The latter […]
Cruelty-free cosmetics brand Mecca Max is now vegan. The brand made the decision after receiving an overwhelming number of requests from customers, according to the site Pedestrian. Last year, It made a similar move when it banned animal product testing. “We knew that animal-friendly products were important to our customers,” Brand Manager, Ellie Hockley, told Pedestrian. “[I]t […]
The UK-based animal rights organisation Viva! is set to host its largest ever vegan festival in Birmingham. The Birmingham Viva! Vegan Festival is returning to the city for a new an improved event, leveling up everything the organisation has arranged for previous Viva! Vegan Festivals across the UK. According to the event’s Facebook page, Viva! […]
Vegetarian comedian, actor, and author Russell Brand recently visited The Happy Pear restaurant in Greystones, Ireland. The celebrity took to Instagram to give his green light for the eatery. He called it “A culinary utopia full of beautiful people.”  The Happy Pear responded in kind to Brand’s feedback. “[Russell] you legend! Thanks so much for visiting! Keep […]
The US Court of International Trade has issued an order for the Trump Administration to ban the import of seafood from Mexican fisheries that use gillnets. This method of fishing is notorious for gathering bycatch including the critically-endangered vaquita porpoise, of which only an estimated 30 or fewer remain. Some estimates suggest the population is as low […]
Plant-based meat and butter producer Naturli’ Foods recently responded to a consumer querying where to find the brand’s foods at Sainsbury’s supermarkets in the UK. “We’ve put our Naturli’ Minced and Patties in the cold counters with the other meats to focus on the usage, not the origin,” the brand said in a Facebook comment thread. […]
All 109 New Zealand locations of the world’s leading pizza franchise, Domino’s, will be offering vegan cheese pizza as a test run starting next week, the chain confirmed via phone. Auckland stores appear to have the cheese in stock already according to some customers posting on social media. “[The vegan cheese] is a trial,” a Domino’s New […]
A survey conducted by the Plant Based Foods Association, an organization that works to remove obstacles for vegan businesses to prompt a fair and competitive marketplace, has revealed that 78 percent of consumers who drink cow’s milk also use the term “milk” for dairy-free beverages. “Alternative names for #plantbased milks are confusing and unnecessary,” wrote […]