I’ve been holding off sharing this Cheezy Vegan Broccoli Soup recipe because I kept forgetting to shoot photos. This is a recipe I usually make in large batches and directly store in the freezer, so I kept going into autopilot. I finally remembered to style and shoot some soup photos this week, so I’m excited […]
One of my “resolutions” for the New Year was to share more savoury recipes because just looking at my blog and my Instagram feed, it’s primarily sweet treats. Thanks, sweet tooth! I’m really excited to share this savoury vegan Miso Mushroom Burger with a creamy Miso Tahini Sauce to top. It’s the first burger recipe […]
This is a recipe-but-not-really recipe for this Avocado Tofu Poke Bowl. It’s a vegan take on the Hawaiian Poke Bowl, typically made with raw fish, and makes for a fresh, vibrant, and light meal. After I shared this photo on Instagram, there were so many requests for a “recipe” so that’s exactly what I have […]