Let me be straightforward here. This recipe is absolutely killer! I am not exaggerating. It is inspired by my grandma’s chocolate hazelnut bars recipe. If that doesn’t speak for itself, then let me tell you: my grandma has officially approved this veganized recipe. So, if you want to learn how to make these delicious vegan […]
This orange and persimmon quinoa porridge is full of plant protein and iron. It provides over 24 g of protein and 9 mg of iron which makes it a great way to start a chilly winter morning. Plus, it’s also a good alternative when you just don’t want to have yet another oatmeal bowl. Porridge […]
This spicy vegan pear chutney strikes just the right balance between sweetness and spice. The sweet, juicy pears are complemented perfectly by the subtle spiciness of ginger. Enjoy this spicy pear chutney over some toasted sourdough bread, on top of porridge or with a scoop of dairy-free vanilla ice cream! When the days are starting […]